The 9 best moments from the ‘Supernatural’ season 14 premiere

Supernatural Season 14 Premiere, “Stranger in a Strange Land,” Aired Oct. 11, 2018

Supernatural Season 14 Premiere introduced us to a whole new world for the Winchesters. Dean is still possessed by Michael, the hunters from Apocalypse World are pitching in, and Sam lost his razor. Here are the 9 best moments from the Supernatural Season 14 premiere!

#1 Michael/Dean. We have seen Jared play so many different characters on this show, but Jensen had really only ever played Dean – until now! Jensen as the eerie, yet proper Michael is super jarring at first, but really cool. We miss Dean like crazy and it’s so weird to think that we will have to go through these episodes without him. Much of this show has been focused on Sam, but now that he’s gone, it’s clear that Dean was the glue that held it all together. Michael’s motivation is unclear, but we are intrigued. Also, that hat is amazing.

#2 Hunter Central. Back in the bunker, there are hunters everywhere. Sam has been going nonstop since Dean went missing. When he gets back to the bunker, he is greeted by his mom and a full squad of hunters. It’s nice to finally see Sam (and Dean) have some solid back-up for a change.

supernatural season 14 premiere

#3 Bobby and Jack. It’s a pairing we didn’t know we always needed, but watching Jack and Alt-Bobby bond as they work on their fighting is great. Bobby was always a father to the Winchesters, but they are grown now and they have their mom. These days, it’s Jack that needs the father bonding (especially considering who his dad is). Cas is usually in this role, but we like the growing friendship between Bobby and Jack too.

#4 Sister Jo and Michael. Michael is going around asking folks what they want and his latest chat is with Sister Jo! The conversation isn’t a huge one, but the fact that it was between off-screen couple Daneel Ackles and her hubs, Jensen, brought us fans a lot of joy.

supernatural season 14 premiere

#5 Kip. Yeah, we know we should hate him, but Kip was kind of great. He was a demon with a bit of a Crowley vibe about him, and he was totally fangirling over Sam – so that’s fun. He is kinda weird, but in a fun way. We are with Sam – we don’t need another Crowley. Change it up and give us a Queen of Hell! Heck, let’s get even crazy and say it should be Sister Jo! She is looking for a family and she is a questionable Angel – send her to Hell to lead!

#6 Nick/Lucifer. Lucifer died in his showdown with Michael, but his vessel, Nick didn’t. We have no idea how that’s possible, but we won’t question it because we love Mark Pellegrino on our TV’s.

supernatural season 14 premiere

#7 Alt-Bobby. He said “balls” and it was oddly wonderful. #Nostalgia

 #8 Demon showdown. Kip’s proposal is met with some heavy resistance by Sam and it leads to an all out battle in the bar. Slow motion fights and crazy wall running is always a good time on Supernatural.

#9 Faith. Things are looking grimmer than ever for Sam, Cas, Jack and their team when it comes to finding Dean, but they never lose hope. We love that they always get back up, no matter how many times they get knocked down.

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Supernatural airs Thursdays, at 8/7PM CST on The CW.


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