‘The Good Place’ recap: 3×03 “The Snowplow”

The Good Place recap: Season 3, Episode 3, “The Snowplow” Aired Oct. 11, 2018
Michael and Janet were the titular snowplow, clearing the road for the humans so they could progress as easily and quickly as possible. Michael’s biggest concern was saving the souls of these four humans, and he would do anything to help them along. He intervenes way, way too much, and there are totally going to be consequences for all that meddling. At least it’s entertaining for us.

Let’s dive into how he and Janet served as the snowplow for The Brainy Bunch.

One year later…

The Good Place 3x03 The Snowplow Michael and Janet stuck on Earth

Michael and Janet were stranded on Earth for a year after escaping from Judge Gen. Hiding out in the abandoned journalism department at Chidi’s university, they kept close tabs on the group with cameras and microphones and, sometimes, incognito. This time, Janet was the bartender, and the two also acted as caterers at Tahani’s party. They really got into being on Earth, even decorating their headquarters thoroughly for the holidays. They definitely don’t blend in; it’s a wonder no one has suspected anything fishy about them.

Larry and Tahani

The Good Place 3x03 The Snowplow Tahani Al Jameel and Larry Hemsworth

With a little snowplowing from Janet, Tahani found the one other person overlooked because of his super successful siblings, Larry Hemsworth. Larry is a crazy attractive pediatric surgeon. Where Tahani is entirely confident in herself, Larry has major self-esteem issues. However, the two both like living large as they avoid living in the shadows of their talented siblings. Janet got the couple together because she was jealous of Tahani and Jason getting close, but it turns out Larry and Tahani had history.

Also, shoutout to Heirbnb.

The end of The Brainy Bunch

The Good Place 3x03 The Snowplow Michael pep talks Eleanor

Tahani and Larry threw a party and announced their intention to move back to London. After thinking about it, Chidi and Simone decided the study had come to a natural stopping point. The two of them would go over the data and then repeat the study with new subjects, meaning there was no longer a need for the group to remain in Australia together. Michael and Eleanor were close competition for who was more upset. Speaking of…

Want cocktail sauce with that?

The Good Place 3x03 The Snowplow Eleanor eats shrimp and ruins Tahani's party

I got serious flashbacks as Eleanor devoured shrimp and made a scene at Tahani and Larry’s party. She got emotional over the end of The Brainy Bunch and lashed out, destroying the cake Tahani had specially made.

The Good Place 3x03 The Snowplow Eleanor and Simone talk after the party

Post-meltdown, Simone helped Eleanor realize that The Brainy Bunch was the first group she was a part of that she really cared about. After having that experience, Eleanor was scared to go back to America and back to being alone, and that caused her to act out. I am always here for Eleanor learning she cares so deeply for these people.
(We know that last gif has a grammatical error. What do you expect? This is the Bad Place!)

What’s next? 

In another moment of history repeating itself, Michael planned to reset the timeline on Earth until the humans got enough points to make it into the Good Place. He was all set to carry out his plan when The Brainy Bunch caught him opening the door to the other realm. I’ll be on the edge of my seat all week waiting to hear what explanation Michael comes up with. What a great cliffhanger!


The Good Place 3x03 The Snowplow Michael and Janet reset the timeline get caught

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