‘The Good Doctor’ 2×03 recap: “36 Hours”

The Good Doctor recap: Season 2, Episode 3, “36 Hours,” aired Oct. 8, 2018.

This episode was literally perfect. From the portrayal of strong as hell females to some comedic relief and just the right amount of angst, this episode blew me away. I was watching this during my lunch break in the middle of a coffee shop, and I had to try so hard not to laugh or cheer out loud because then people would look at me, and that would be awkward. Also, it turns out Dr. Lim has somewhat of a wild side. Didn’t see that coming. Let’s dig in!

Super duper long shifts

Morgan and Shaun end up getting the short end of the stick and are forced to work a 36-hour shift. Ew, can you even imagine that? By the end of my 9-hour work days, I’m ready for bed. I can’t even begin to imagine quadrupling that number. There’s no amount of coffee that would help me. I was really interested to see how Morgan and Shaun would get along with just themselves since Lim was on-call. From trying to slide a lightbulb out a kid’s mouth (how does that even happen?!) to dealing with a male’s erection that won’t subside, they worked…decently together. As well as someone can with Morgan because, you know, she’s kind of terrible.

Despite the fact that Lim doesn’t want to be bothered, Shaun and Morgan reach out to her. However, Morgan is adamant that they figure it out themselves, which Lim also tells them. I liked how the show documented their LONG shift; I feel like it made the episode more engaging to viewers because you see all that they have to deal with and how long stuff takes in a hospital.

I about lost it when a nurse came running to Shaun saying, “your erection is back.” And Shaun turns to the patient he’s attending and is like oh, not mine. That scene was HILARIOUS. Also, the erection guy doesn’t like needles all too much.

Dr. Lim takes a ride on the wild side

It turns out that Dr. Lim isn’t just chilling on her couch during her on-call shift. In fact, she’s doing the complete opposite of that. She’s in court for speeding on her motorcycle. When Shaun and Morgan call her, she has to excuse herself from her hearing to take the phone call. The judge isn’t too keen on that, but come on, Lim is a trauma surgeon. I think that falls into the category of a good excuse. Hanging up the phone and telling them to handle it, she goes back into the courtroom; however, the judge tells her that others are going before her. Lim is good and mad, rightly so. After some time waiting, she barges to the stand and demands that the judge settles her case, which she does. Turns out Lim is getting some time off driving and a fee. That’s no fun. Oh, and a few hours in the slammer. Apparently, that judge didn’t like being talked to in such a manner and sent Lim to jail. Talk about a bad day…

Once she’s finally released from jail, she runs into her attorney dude outside of a taco stand at, like, 3 am. They end up hooking up but are interrupted when Shaun and Morgan need her to come to the hospital. Lim has a bit of a wild side that I had no idea she had. I also like how she’s just like, yah, I went to jail while I was technically still on my work shift. Then Morgan’s comment about her chilling on the couch while they’re busting their butts, LOL.

Girl power x 100

Claire is the best, you guys. I love her. She tells Melendez that she thinks it’s crap that surgeons are expected to work such long shifts when they should be conserving their energy to do thorough jobs. Going to Andrews about it, he basically tells her to not call him out on his own policies. Andrew’s is being a complete jerk, ugh. That’s not where it ends though. Melendez makes a comment about her being more irritable because it’s just that day. Bro, not cool.

Claire only thought it was unfair that she’s always the one going to console the family instead of Park, and he made it seem that her voice doesn’t matter in surgeries. The nurse beside him, Flores, calls him out for suggesting that it’s Claire’s time of the month that’s making her more irritable. I’ve no idea who this nurse is, but I like her! In fact, Flores continues to stand up for Claire and herself, and Melendez is not too happy with her tone of voice toward him. He asks her to scrub out, but she refuses and continues working. Yas, girl. I love when women stand up for other women. It’s something that’s important to see in our media. Women don’t need to be catty towards one another.

Tasked with a heartbreaking situation of a woman undergoing surgery to be able to have a baby, the tension between the surgeons are high. They end up scabbling, and Andrews tells them to work as a team. When Claire suggests something, Melendez jumps on her again that she’s undermining him. Omg, Melendez, just when I started to like you, you have to go and make me mad. Although, I loved when Claire told the team the husband wanted her to make a decision, and she was firm in making it herself. Again, Claire is the best.

Shut up, Morgan

Seriously, Morgan needs to stop being such a… jerkface. While she says truth is better than being nice, it actually sometimes isn’t. She never thinks of other’s feelings but her own. When she told Shaun that Lea only kissed him as pity, and no girl would just give a guy they liked a peck and settle for it, I was rooting for Shaun to rip her a new one. But Shaun’s a decent human. Poor, guy. Why did she even have to say anything? She’s the worst. You don’t know everyone’s emotions, Morgan. Stay out of ittttt. Although it turns out, Lea isn’t too happy with Shaun at the moment.


As you can probably tell from this longer article, I really enjoyed this episode. It was so well-written and the plot moved along nicely. This was for sure one of my favorite episodes of the series. What did you think of it? Sound off below or tweet us!

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