‘Superstore’ 4×02: 7 best moments from “Baby Shower”

Superstore 4×02 “Baby Shower,” Aired October 11, 2018

Cloud 9 is all about the babies and our favorite group of retail misfits are ready to party. Jonah comes up with a plan to score some cheap baby merch for his lady love but it snowballs into a giant baby themed party in the middle of the store!

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Check out the 7 best moments from Superstore 4×02!

#1 “Pure Gay Nonsense.” We didn’t think we could love Mateo more than we already do, yet here we are. Mateo’s ideas for Dina’s holiday card are crazy elaborate and we LOVE IT. Everything he says while taking her photos is absolute gold. Dina and Mateo is a combo we didn’t expect to love this much, but now we need more!

#2 Dina is a goddess. Those photos are epic! EPIC! We need a Superstore Dina picture calendar ASAP. K, thanks.

#3 The Baby Shower(s). In an effort to get her baby gear cheaper (and as gifts), Jonah suggests that Amy register, but as soon as everyone gets wind of Amy’s fake shower, the real shower planning starts! Not only is Amy’s pregnancy being celebrated, but Jerusha, Cheyenne and Jerusha’s mouth kissing friend all join in the “fun.” Amy is not thrilled.

(Photo by: Eddy Chen/NBC)

#4 Let the games begin. The shower cranked up the crazy with some games and a Man-Baby Stripper. Most of Amy’s gifts were literal garbage, but Glenn came through with a gift off of her registry! He really is the best.

#5 Bo. Literally everything he says and does is hilarious. We love Bo.

#6 Savage Sandra. Mateo left Dina hanging during the photo shoot, literally when he saw that there was a stripper in the store. She was calling for help and her frenemy, Sandra walks in and decides to leave her there. Sandra is not a lady you want to mess with. Looks like this feud is heating back up!

(Photo by: Eddy Chen/NBC)

#7 Garrett knows. This episode was so packed with Baby talk that we almost forgot that Amy and Jonah are dating! At the end of the episode, Garrett let Jonah know that he was in on their secret. Will they start telling people now? Will Garrett use this to torture them? Hmmmm. Both options will be fun to watch!

What was your favorite moment from the Superstore baby themed episode? Hit the comments and let us. 


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