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‘Riverdale’ 3×01: 8 Times “Chapter Thirty-Six: Labor Day” Had Our Jaws On The Floor

Riverdale Ep 3×01, “Chapter Thirty-Six: Labor Day” aired on October 10, 2018

It’s been a stress-filled summer for Archie and company. What with poor Archikins on trial for a crime that he didn’t commit. The show does an awesome job of highlighting major events from last season by way of the closing arguments for Archie’s murder trial! All of Archie’s bad behavior from last year comes back to bite him in a major way. He did start working for the local crime family and formed his own vigilante group. Oops.

The judge sends Archie home for the holiday weekend and sequesters the jury. That was cool of the judge to give ol’ Arch the chance to enjoy one last wild weekend with his nearest and dearest. After spending the entire summer trying to figure out how to keep his freedom, Archie just wants to spend that time with his friends. Check out some of the wildest (WTF just happened) and best moments from the S3 premiere.


1) Josie & Sweet Pea

It looks like Cheryl and Betty weren’t the only ones scooping up a Serpent. Josie’s been enjoying some downtime in the Southside. She wastes no time in letting him know that she will be focusing on her music now that the summer is over. Sweet Pea doesn’t look worried or as if he’s going anywhere anytime soon. Hells yea. Go, Josie!


2) Is Archie a Serpent or Serpent-adjacent?

It could be that Archie is now sporting a certain tatt so that he’ll be protected by any Serpents if/when he is found guilty of murder. It makes sense given that his best friend is running things.


3) Kevin Needs Love, Too!!

It’s been two seasons and our poor Kevin hasn’t been so lucky in love. He decides to drop an interesting proposal on Moose. One with a quickly approaching deadline. Moose does look intrigued. *fingerscrossed* These two would be perfect together.


4) Those Abs, Tho

Okay, this one is totally gratuitous, but the show just kept throwing shirtless Archie and Reggie at us. We had no choice but to look on in totally respectful admiration. Totally. Also, hell yea Bughead and Varchie are still going strong.


5) Mary Andrews for the Defense

A talented attorney she may be, but was it the best idea for Mary Andrews to be the one defending her son? Isn’t there some kind of rule about that? It seemed that the former mayor, Sierra McCoy was acting as second chair for Archie’s defense (given that she was sitting right beside him). Maybe, McCoy was his primary defense attorney and they thought having the defendant’s mother giving the closing statement would more effective. The jury did end up deadlocked.

6) The Gargoyle King

This season’s mystery has begun with the deaths of Dilton and Ben. Does something wicked come this way? What exactly were those guys dabbling in? It looked a lot more sinister than your run-of-the-mill tabletop game. Are we dealing with something completely different this season? Something straight out of a Creepypasta story?


7) Has Magic Arrived in Riverdale?

Things got hella creepy before the show rolled credits at the end of Ep 3×01. Over the past two seasons, the show has steered clear of any and all things supernatural, but with the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina premiering soon that final scene seems like a gamechanger. OR is Betty hallucinating due to her self-medicating? Seriously, Alice and Polly have absolutely gotten pulled in with a cult, but how far does it go? Were the babies really floating above flames or does Betty need to lay off the Adderall?


8) Archie Pleads Guilty

What the effe, Archie Andrews? Clearly, he didn’t want to stress of going through a long trial again or having a 20-year sentence hanging over his head, but still. Don’t jump on the first offer you get, Andrews. Next time you’re on trial for murder, consult with your attorneys first. Maybe. That said…no way will Veronica and company let Archie languish in Leopold and Loeb Juvenile Detention (!!!) for too long.


Riverdale airs on Wednesdays  at 8/7c

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