‘The Resident’ 2×03 recap: Infidelity, miscarriages, and the old switcheroo

The Resident 2×03, “Three Words”, Aired October 8, 2018.

The Resident 2×03 basically took time and scrunched it up so that the past and present collided all episode long. Viewers learned about 3 years’ worth of CoNic’s previous relationship within an hour. “Three Words” also showcased tension between Bell and Winthrop, Dr. Austin taking a stand, and dance lessons by Julian.

'The Resident' 2x03. MO and AA with the Titian
The Resident | FOX

Dr. Pravesh is Chastain’s #1 second year resident

'The Resident' 2x03. DP checking a patient's eyes.
The Resident | FOX

Devon had a patient come into the ER claiming to be “hit by lightning”, but really his defibrillator was misfiring. For the record, that is the absolute worst way to explain your situation at the ER. Do not claim to be hit by lightning unless one of Zeus’ almighty bolts quite literally decided to play tag with your body. Until then, let your doctor know you’re feeling shocks near a very important organ.

'The Resident' 2x03. DP with patient
The Resident | FOX

The device was manufactured by QuoVadis aka Julian’s employer. Dr. Austin implanted the device so the three of them worked to keep Shocky from giving out his last spark. At some point, Shocky almost died and it was up to Devon to save him. As Dr. Austin guided him, Devon performed a procedure that included inflating a mini balloon into the man’s chest to stabilize him. Devon was a natural, obvi. Austin was impressed so, hopefully, we’ll be seeing more surgical collabs between the two.

'The Resident' 2x03. DP doing a procedure.
The Resident | FOX

Human vs Machine/ Austin vs Bell

'The Resident' 2x03. Austin and Bell talking.
The Resident | FOX

Dr. Austin is an incredible asset to Chastain. Similar to Shakira’s hips, his numbers don’t lie. He is a cash cow for Chastain, bringing well over what is requested in his contract, yet Bell still has a problem. Austin never uses the Titian, which means it’s the end of the world. I mean, I kind of get it. You pay $2 million for this massive machine and your surgeon is opting to use basic appendages. How déclassé. However, is there really a reason to force Austin to use the Titian? No. His surgical success rate is high and you don’t fix what’s not broke.

'The Resident' 2x03. AA tries out the Titian.
The Resident | FOX

Bell is hoping surgeons will push the Titian for surgeries they can do by hand to increase billing. I do wonder if that could ruin a surgeon’s rep. Plus, what if your patient can’t/won’t pay for it? Do you just say, “Jk, I can actually do it by myself, I was just trying to squeeze a few extra dollars out of you?”

Anyways, Austin is highly against using the Titian and hates it as if it were a person who smacked his dog. He prefers using his hands and being there with the patient. It’s a bonding experience for him. After speaking with Conrad, Austin chose to stand up to Bell. In good news, he’s still employed.

'The Resident' 2x03. AA and CH talking.
The Resident | FOX

Marshall Winthrop is a sneaky SOB

'The Resident' 2x03. Marshall crashing Bell's lunch meeting
The Resident | FOX

A number of saline production factories in Puerto Rico were damaged after Irma causing a shortage. Saline is the cheapest and most effective treatment for patients and employees are rationing it. To solve the problem, Bell proposed that Chastain start their own production factory with other hospitals to maintain a supply and make a pretty penny or two. Unfortunately, any idea that seems like a sound business plan will 100% be stolen by Marshall Winthrop. Conrad warned Bell, but Bell underestimated how powerful Winthrop’s heavy wallet can be. PS., Marshall has his own jet.

'The Resident' 2x03. Bell on Winthrop's jet.
The Resident | FOX

As Bell was meeting with potential investors, Winthrop arrived. He tanked the meeting by bringing up the investors’ tax evasion case, fraudulent resume, and inability to save money. Bell took the hit, but kept going. He presented his idea at a conference later and gained new investors. Then, Winthrop pulled the rug out from under him. While Bell was doing his thing, Winthrop casually bought a saline factory. This effectively switched Bell’s idea into Winthrop’s idea. You guys, I actually think Winthrop is going to be the force that brings Bell and Conrad together.

'The Resident' 2x03. Bell and Conrad talking.
The Resident | FOX

404 Tavern is the keeper of all secrets

'The Resident' 2x03. Conrad playing pool flashback
The Resident | FOX

Let’s talk about CoNic. “Three Words” gave us so much insight into our favorite The Resident couple with tons of flashbacks. 404 Tavern is the bar we always see our gang at and where it all began. As Irving and Conrad were hogging the pool table, Nic schooled their unsuspecting Interns-to-Be asses with her amazing billiards skills. Later on, Intern Conrad performed a procedure sans supervision to save a patient with Nic. It was in that moment, Nic realized Conrad wasn’t like the other airheaded future doctors. He wasn’t just talk, but smart and capable. He’d push to save lives no matter the consequence. You can’t fault a girl for falling for him.

'The Resident' 2x03. Nic crying post miscarriage
The Resident | FOX

As their relationship progressed they went through something that can irreparably injure even the strongest bond, a miscarriage. Conrad took care of Nic, but his temper and closed nature caused the rift. Sometime after the miscarriage, CoNic’s first relationship ended at 404 Tavern. A random man inappropriately grabbed Nic and Conrad beat the ever living shit out of him. The problem wasn’t just the violence, but that Conrad was unpredictable. Nic didn’t know when he’d burst again and said he kept everything bottled up.

'The Resident' 2x03. Nic mad at Conrad
The Resident | FOX

Presently, it seems Conrad has learned. He’s not as quick to anger and understands the need to be open with Nic. After watching their newlywed patients struggle with trust due to a known infidelity, Nic wondered if people really change. However, Conrad’s confidence, his recent actions, and his saying I love you, made her realize things are different this time. These two are obviously meant to be together. At least, now that we know CoNic’s past, we can understand why Nic was so hesitant. The episode ended with CoNic reaffirming their commitment. The future of CoNic’s looking bright, y’all.

'The Resident' 2x03. CoNic making out
The Resident | FOX

The Resident 2×03 special shout-outs

  • Austin’s been nicknamed The Raptor and he’s digging it. He’s also a secret master of the Titian and created a raptor out of Legos.
    'The Resident' 2x03. Lego raptor
    The Resident | FOX
  • 404 Tavern was celebrating “Irving and other guys” for being at Chastain for 3 years. I did not take Irving to be the more popular resident.
    'The Resident' 2x03. Conrad and Irving playing pool
    The Resident | FOX
  • We’re getting closer to the Bollywood dance sequence with Julian agreeing to help Devon learn. However, if she doesn’t stop slow dancing with him, Mina might actually impale her with the Titian.
    'The Resident' 2x03 Julian and Devon slow dancing
    The Resident | FOX
  • CoNic, CoNic, CoNic
    'The Resident' 2x03. CoNic making out more
    The Resident | FOX

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