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‘The Flash’ 5×01 recap: “Nora”

The Flash season 5 episode 1 aired October 9, 2018.

It’s season 5, my dudes! How schway is that?

We pick up right where season 4 left off. Nora West-Allen, the fastest woman alive 30 years from now, just introduced herself to her parents and extended family. She tells them that since she helped Barry destroy the satellite, she hasn’t been able to return to the future.

An Excess of Flash

Iris is excited to have Nora around. Barry feels contrary, worried that Nora would mess up the timeline. Already she keeps accidentally dropping information about the future. These include:

  • the Flash Museum is a thing
  • Coffee is $43 a cup (jeezus what happened to the economy)
  • Nora is a CSI
  • King Shark fights Grodd at some point (!!!!!!!!)

Barry tries to keep Nora out of things while Iris tries to connect with her daughter. Neither of those go well. Also, let’s just say Iris isn’t good at pop culture and being hip at all. She didn’t even get Barry’s Back to the Future reference!

the flash nora west-allen
image: the CW

Meanwhile, a new metahuman pops onto the grid. The team struggle to keep tabs on him as their satellite is no more. Nora joins the fray against Barry’s instructions, thus distracting her father. The meta, Gridlock, uses this opening to sucker-punch The Flash and escape. Too many speedsters spoil the broth?

A lack of The Flash

Wally seeks the Legends’ help to find a way to get Nora back to her time, and returns with some stunning news. Nora’s cells have negative tachyons, preventing her from entering the speedforce. The negative energy also prevents the Waverider from transporting her, which was the backup plan.

Iris questions Barry about his insistence on sending Nora back. She reminds him Nora’s presence is no different from some timeline-altering actions Barry has done in the past. Barry confesses he feels that they missed out on being normal parents and having ‘firsts’ with Nora, the same way his parents missed out raising him. Iris tells Barry he will get his firsts eventually, which is big foreshadowing that Barry isn’t part of Nora’s childhood. Barry himself soon realises that, given that everything Nora says about him, she learnt from the Flash museum.

Barry confronts Nora, who in turn brings him to the “Flash vanishes in crisis” article in the time vault. Nora was too young when it happened to have any memories of Barry, who remained missing for at least 25 years and counting. SHe stole some negative tachyon tech from the Flash museum before time travelling so she would be stuck in the present with Barry.

Also, Barry you’ve been looking at that article for four. whole. seasons. Was the only thing you saw really just “Iris West-Allen”?

How many speedsters does it take to land a plane?

Answer: 3.

While the West-Allens worked out their family issues, Cisco, Caitlin and Ralph figured out that Gridlock boosts his powers by absorbing kinetic energy. Which means to say, his powers are perpetually increasing, even if you punch him. They eventually realise he is going to take down a plane, which would then crash in downtown Central City.

the flash ralph dibny cisco ramon caitlin snow
image: the CW

Barry’s old suit is torn up. Luckily, negative tachyon tech wasn’t the only thing Nora nabbed from the Flash museum. She took one of Barry’s future suits, embedded in the Flash ring! Cisco vibes all the speedsters onto the plane as it hits zero G, when Gridlock’s powers will be dampened. Barry cuffs him and Wally casually knocks the guy out. However, the plane is still on a crash course for the city.

The Flash, Kid Flash and XS (Nora) have to phase the plane together through all the buildings. Nora doubts herself as she has never been able to phase before. Barry gives her a pep talk, which the show edits alongside a HARRISON WELLS FLASHBACK. (Flashback, geddit?). Barry has stepped into the mentor role on occasion, but perhaps this year he will come into it full time.

Flash family

Barry has a change of heart and decides Nora can stay for a while. He takes Nora out for ice cream – but not without Mom Iris’ permission. Such parents.

Also, the team discover Joe’s secret lounge where he’s been taking naps between the metahuman-fighting and new parent business. Wally admits he never really finished his soul-searching before the Legends whisked him away in a fluffy, cuddly blue whirlwind. Joe advises him to finish what he set out to do – the team would understand.

Earlier, Ralph tried to talk to Caitlin about her progress in finding and understanding Killer Frost. He suggests her father as a lead, since he was present in Caitlin’s flashback to her cycling accident. Caitlin tells him her father has been dead for years, but Ralph does some digging and finds out the man faked his death. I quite enjoyed Ralph in this episode, from his hilarious epiphany about time travelling and the multiverse to his initiative in helping Caitlin. Hopefully the show will make his character grow, consistently this time.

Finally, Gridlock’s transport van is attacked by a man who breathes through a mask that makes him sound like Darth Vader. The man murders Gridlock with a lightning bolt-shaped knife.


  • Wally spends most of this episode in a dress shirt, which is glorious.
  • Cisco spends most of this episode hungover, which is gloriously hilarious.
  • Cecile can still read minds – or her own child’s, at least.
  • “Or another Earth where they never made that last Indiana Jones movie.” – Ralph, realising the multiverse as a real concept for the first time.
  • “I mean, if Eddie wanted to erase Thawne from existence, why didn’t he just have a vasectomy?” – Ralph
  • “What did you think we meant when we said Harry was from ‘Earth Two’?” “That he was from Earth also.” – Caitlin and Ralph
  • “Don’t drink and vibe.”

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