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‘Pure Murders and Mysteries’ podcast: “Episode 6: The Methodical Monster, Israel Keyes”

Pure Murders and Mysteries podcast, “Episode 5: The Methodical Monster, Israel Keyes”

This week, we’re digging into a lesser-known serial killer named Israel Keyes. You may have never heard of him, but he was an evil monster, through and through. Growing up in eastern Washington, Israel lived off-the-grid next to fellow-murderer Chevie Kehoe and attended churches known for anti-semitic views.

As an adult, he moved to Alaska and started living a true double life. He spent years meticulously planning trips to kill people and commit bank robberies all across the country. No one who knew him would have expected it, but he took great care to cover his tracks. He even went as far as to bury murder kits with weapons, trash bags, Draino, and more in different states in preparation for future kills.

podcast Israel Keyes
Israel Keyes

Many unsolved murders and crimes could possibly be attributed to Keyes, but after his capture, he only hinted at his other murders, never confessing. He frustratingly stayed in control of his own narrative until the end.

Brad, Lindi, and Jasmine discuss the follow in “The Methodical Monster, Israel Keyes”:

  • Israel Keye’s childhood and ties to Chevie Kehoe
  • His time in the military
  • The planning that went into his crimes
  • The kidnapping and murder of Samantha Koenig
  • Keye’s capture, confessions, and suicide

Listen to Episode 6:


Thought Co has a great piece about the profile and story of Israel Keyes. Check out SPLC Center for details about Keyes’ ties to white supremacy and fellow murderer Chevie Kehoe. Other sources for this episode include Criminal Minds Wiki, Oregon Live (great timeline), Anchorage Daily News, and Murderpedia.

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Pure Murders and Mysteries

A true crime podcast all about the murders, gross injustices, unsolved mysteries, and conspiracies that send us down the rabbit hole. Hosted by Brad, Jasmine, and Lindi of Pure Fandom.

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