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‘Black Lightning’ recap: Top 4 moments from 2×01, “The Book of Consequences: Chapter One: Rise of the Green Light Babies”

Black Lightning recap season 2 premiere: Season 2, Episode 1, “The Book of Consequences: Chapter One: Rise of the Green Light Babies”, Aired Oct. 9, 2018

Black Lightning is BACK!


Yes! Finally, Black Lightning returned to our screens giving us our much-needed weekly dose. In this week’s episode, we see the aftermath of what went down in the season 1 finale:

  • The government is keeping hold of the Green Light pod children while demanding money in order for the families to see them again.
  • Police brutality is at an all time high.
  • Black Lightning’s identity is revealed.
  • Lynn takes it upon herself to help the pod children.
  • Anissa becomes a vigilante to help the Freeland community.
  • Jennifer continues to struggle with her superpowers.

Lets breakdown the top 4 moments from the season 2 premiere:

#1 Jefferson confirms himself as Black Lightning to Henderson


It always astounds me when a character has a “secret identity” and no one ever puts two-and-two together. So, it was quite refreshing to see that Henderson had finally worked out who Black Lightning may be. He confronts him and accuses him of really being Jefferson Pierce. After all, there were so many clues pointing to him. For example, after what went down at the school, it just wouldn’t make sense that the principal wouldn’t be present then or after. Oh, unless he was actually there, but as Black Lightning … Yup, Henderson you nailed it!

Despite thinking that Jefferson would deny, he actually took off his mask and showed him that his speculations were true. Wow, so what does this mean? Will Henderson be grateful he now knows that Black Lightning is actually a good friend? Or, will he use it against him? Here’s hoping they team up and help keep Freeland safe together!

#2 Lynn wants to use her medical and Green Light knowledge to help the pod children


Lynn wants to use her own gifts to help the pod children, which would make sense since she has studied Green Light and has a broad understanding of  the drug. Despite that being a great idea, Jefferson isn’t too pleased and tries to talk her out out of it. Of course, Lynn is having none of it and doesn’t see how he and the girls can do stuff yet she can’t just because she doesn’t have superpowers. I have to say, I see her point. I do believe that Lynn could do good, and she may be the key to help figuring out how to control Green Light before it fully takes over Freeland. On that note, I also get Jefferson’s point–he is just looking out for Lynn and is scared it may put yet another target on her head.

The pair continue to fight over this throughout the majority of the episode, but Lynn gets her way in the end. She gets Gambi to pull some strings with the ASA to get her in charge of the operations regarding the pod children. Fair play, Lynn! At the end of the day, Lynn is a doctor and it would be a shame not to let her use her knowledge to help save the many lives who are already affected with Green Light. I think Lynn is just as much of a superhero as the rest of her family!

#3 Anissa steals money from drug dealers and gives it to the community


Just when  you thought you couldn’t loose any more faith in the police force and the justice system, the government come into play HARD. They react to being exposed over the pod children by blocking people from gaining access to see their loved ones who were affected. They demand that in order for the people of Freeland to see their families again, they have to find at least $500,000. WHAT. THE. HELL. Absolutely scandalous, right? This of course leaves the community of Freeland feeling lost and helpless. How on earth can they find that much money that fast? Of course, their guardian angel (or should I say Thunder) was listening to their prayers…

Anissa takes it upon herself to fight the bad to save the good. She takes down some rich drug dealers and steals all their cash to put it to much needed use. Not that I’m saying I really applaud her for stealing, but at least it was done for a good reason. Once she has the cash, Anissa takes it to the church (looking all badass) and drops the bag of money like, ” Yo! What’up? We good, right? Here’s some dollars, don’t shoot!” Yass, Anissa. Yass! Isn’t she just the fiercest and finest vigilante in Freeland? Anissa: 1. Drug Dealers: 0.

I do have a feeling that this is going to have backlash down the line. Later, we may see the drug dealers causing more damage to Freeland to get their revenge. They may come looking for their money, which I fear could end in some bloody violence. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, though.

#4 The Pierce family try stay strong and comfort Jennifer as she struggles to control her powers


Jennifer wasn’t as welcoming to her powers as Anissa was. Even in the end of the last season, we saw her struggle to deal with them. It continues into this season and almost seems worse. As Jennifer’s emotions are all over the place, so are her superpowers, which makes her unpredictable. In one scene, Lynn tries to talk to Jennifer and make her deal with everything that went down—you know, like her electrocuting someone who now may be dead. Jennifer reacts and starts arguing with her mom, which unfortunately makes her lose control of her powers and accidentally hurt her. Uh-oh, this isn’t going to go well! Jennifer runs away, feeling ashamed and upset over what happened, but Lynn runs after her daughter and comforts her.

As if that’s not bad enough, Jennifer is glowing and elevating in her sleep … Um, this ain’t normal, right? I guess this freaks Jennifer out more and she struggles to face the fact that she is different. But I say different is a good thing. We should all aim to be unique! But I get having superpowers would make Jennifer feel slightly isolated from her fellow friends, which is understandable why she has growing concerns over it all.

Later on, Jennifer loses control again and nearly reveals her powers to her friend. It takes her dad absorbing the electrical energy she is giving off in order for her to go back to normal. As Jennifer’s powers remain uncontrolled, the more she struggles to deal. Let’s hope the Pierce family can continue to support Jennifer and figure out how she can keep her powers in check before she seriously hurts someone.

What did you think of the fiery first episode of season 2 of Black Lightning? Let me know in the comment section below! And don’t forget to give us a tweet at @Pure_Fandom and @OhMyZinaa. Keep up-to-date with my posts here!

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Black Lightning airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.


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