‘Manifest’ 1×03 recap: “Turbulence”

Manifest recap: Season 1, Episode 3, “Turbelence,” aired Oct. 8, 2018.

Gosh, this show is a wild and intense ride. I have no idea where it’s going, but I am so here for it. Ben and Michaela are teaming up this episode as they investigate the murder of a woman that was on flight 828 with them. Are they all being targeted? Who the heck is out to get them? Let’s dig in.

Sister-brother detective work

After the murder of a fellow passenger, Michaela and Ben are automatically on high alert. There’s no coincidence that Kelly, after speaking about the flight to the media, was shot. There’s something evil at play here, but I have no idea what that is! That stupid government detective kicks Micaela and Ben out of the investigation — ugh, this dude is suspicious. The fact that he told Jared to spy on Michaela was all kinds of SHADY. After finding out that Kelly came home one night with bruises, the sibling duo are off to investigate. What they find is that Kelly’s husband is a very shady man. He was dealing in extortion and all those illegal things. However, while he may be convicted of all of that, he was not framed from the murder of his wife. Off to investigate again. We’ll get to that later though.

Michaela faces her fears

“Own your truth” was the theme of tonight’s episode. Michaela decides that it’s her time to come to terms with her own truths. We see flashbacks to the fateful night that Evie died. They both had been drinking and Evie was adamant that they drive her car back. Michaela is in a bit of a pickle, but she knows that Evie is worse off than she is; so, she drives them home. I feel so bad for Michaela. Then, we see her arrive at Evie’s house for the funeral where Evie’s parents turn her away. That hurt my heart a little. The look on Michaela’s face was devastating.

Making the choice to face Evie’s parents, she goes to apologize. The next time she goes to their house, Evie’s dad explains that his wife is gone, and he needs Michaela to take his car and find her. Now, Michaela hasn’t driven since the night she was in the accident; however, she knows she needs to find Evie’s mom. Thankfully, she finds her, but she has to stop a few cars to avoid any harm to Evie’s mom. There, we find out the actual suspect to Kelly’s murder: the maid. Dah dah dummmm. This scene was a huge turning point for Michaela, and I think she’s so fierce facing her fears. She did it, however, to save her best friend’s mother. She couldn’t save Evie, but she could do this. Yay, Michaela! One step at a time. I just love her character: flawed but fierce.

Healing relationships of the romance and sibling kind

Olive is being, well, she’s being a teenager. She sneaks out one night, and Cal rats her out. I gotta say, Cal, that was SO not cool. You’re supposed to have your twin’s back, dude. Anyway, Ben seems to be the only one concerned that his daughter is out at night where there’s potentially a dangerous person on the lose. Like, Grace, why aren’t you that concerned? Anyway, Olive and Cal eventually mend ties, which I’m glad they’re spending time with one another. Also, can we talk about that awkward Ben-Cal-Kevin interaction?  Ha…ha…ha….cue awkward laughing for all involved. Add to the fact Olive is dating Kevin. Poor, Cal, man.

Grace’s other, mystery lover is revealed — Danny. Hmmmm. And his friend isn’t all too happy with her; he feels like she’s cheating on him. Grace is quick to defend herself but agrees that it feels like it too. Girl, it’s about dang time you make a choice because this is wrong to do to both parties involved. Now, I don’t know Danny, but obviously Ben is the clear winner in this scenario. Grace and Ben end up having a heart-to-heart after Ben almost beats Olive’s soccer coach with a bat. Honestly, though, why does her coach have a key to their home? Am I the only one who thinks that’s a little odd?

Other things that made me shook

You know I’m shook when I use the word shook (I hate that word…).

A moment of appreciation for Saanvi, our smart af doctor on flight 828. She is doing an investigation of her own but in the more medical sense. She learns that there is a mark in both her and Cal’s blood that is alike. This leads Ben and her to question whether they all have the same markings in their blood.

Another scene that made me scratch my head was Michaela talking to that Isaiah dude in prison. He was rambling about this and that, and I am super confused as to who this guy is. And what does he actually know? Seems a little suspicious to me.

Next week’s episode looks intense. It also looks like we’ll be meeting Grace’s mystery man, which should be interesting, to say the least. Another episode in the books. What did you think? Sound off below or, as always, tweet us your feels!

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