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NYCC Interviews: Cort Talks Darkhunters and Deadman’s Cross with Sherrilyn Kenyon

If you are attending New York Comic Con this week, you’ll absolutely see a number of ginormous posters promoting Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Darkhunter world. If you want to find the lady herself, you’ll need to hit up booth #2314. I had the chance to sit down with the NYT Bestselling author to chat about her projects and her personal writing process. She also showed me the badass new cover art for the newest addition to her Deadman’s Cross series, “At Death’s Door”.

This book seriously can’t come out soon enough, but alas we must wait until 2019. If we must wait,  Sherrilyn has plenty of news about other upcoming projects. We’ve been blessed with seeing her work take shape on the page as graphic novels and now she’s ready to tackle a new medium.

Hit play to listen to the interview in full. The sounds you hear behind us is the wonderful chorus of the NYCC showroom in full swing. The third voice in the room with us was Sherrilyn’s teenage son. He was hanging with us and joined in during the interview. If you are new to Sherrilyn’s work she has some pretty handy starter kits. Check out her full catalogue at You can also find her author’s page on Facebook.


Cort Talks Writing Process & Worldbuilding in Kenyon’s Darkhunter and Deadman Cross series



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