Anime Holy Grail War Berserker

Here we are in installment six of this series and it is time to select a character to fill the role of the Anime Holy Grail War Berserker. I’ll make this a snappy synopsis: there are seven servant classes in the Fate universe. They are heroic spirits of some renown put into one of the classes. Generally, each spirit works in concert with their master to be the last one standing to claim the Holy Grail. However, our hypothetical war conducts itself with a team concept in mind.

With that in mind our Anime Holy Grail War Berserker selection must find harmony with the team. Our battlefield leader and Saber class choice is Captain Levi. Our combat flexible albeit tragic Lancer class servant is Pyrrha Nikos. Free to act independently and use the long-range skills of the Archer class is Riza Hawkeye. Creating an illusionary landscape of ninja magic for the Caster class is Itachi Uchiha. Finally, last month we chose the speed of Strelizia to occupy the Rider class spot.

So, we find ourselves here in this article examining Berserker possibilities. This may be the toughest one yet because of the team aspect angle. To qualify as a Berserker the possibility must have lost control in their life. This madness permeates their existence even after a single moment lost to the blood lust. You can imagine that the loss of one’s sanity could adversely affect the ability to work in a team setting. For this reason, finding a character capable of some level of control while lost in the madness will be difficult.

Spoiler: There will be a handful of spoilers present in these character vignettes. However, I continue to hope that their presence will not ruin your experience. Please take them as excess enthusiasm on the part of this author. I just want to give you enough information to make this article interesting while motivating you to give these animes a try!


Anime Holy Grail War Berserker – Shizuo Heiwajima

Anime Holy Grail War Berserker - Shizuo
Anime: Durarara!! – Gif: Aniplex

You may remember Shizuo from my article on angry anime characters some months back. He is a berserker incarnate. With no limiter on the adrenaline producers in his brain, Shizuo is able to go beyond. Put simply, his brain won’t shut down when pain would put a normal person out for good.

Noble Phantasm: The Strongest Man in Ikebukuro – Shizuo’s power comes from his inability to control the combination of his anger and unnatural strength. He cannot hold back. It is a torrent of madness that he cannot hold back. It makes for him to be an impossibly strong human being.

Why I can’t pick him: Despite that terrible, overwhelming strength, Shizuo is a regular human. He can ignore pain but eventually bones will break, and he’ll stuck still. Shizuo doesn’t possess any sort of special defense.


Anime Holy Grail War Berserker – Rem

Anime Holy Grail War Berserker - Rem
Anime: Re:ZERO – Gif: Crunchyroll

Here’s throwback number two in this article – Rem should be a familiar name as she was one of my women with hidden power. She may be a dutiful and compliant maid most of the time, but her rage is a terrifying one. Rem possess a latent demonic power that erases her sense of reason. Her frightening skill with the morningstar plus her command of magic add up to a dreadfully deep blood lust.

Noble Phantasm: Oni (Demon) Form – Rem is capable of manifesting a horn to draw in more magical energy from her surroundings. This extra magic is a power source that Rem can use to increase her destructive abilities. It turns her into a force that no amount of reason can reach.

Why I can’t pick her: There’s little grave threat to compare Rem’s power to in Re:ZERO. Undoubtedly, Rem has strength and destructive force that releases in her rage. But I’m unsure just how far that power can reach because Rem doesn’t come up against any big bad guys.


Anime Holy Grail War Berserker – Seryu Ubiquitous

Anime Holy Grail War Berserker - Seryu
Anime: Akame Ga Kill – Gif: Sentai Filmworks

Twisted, psychotic, ruthless…those are the three words I have to pick to describe Seryu. She has an unbelievably intense sense of justice that is the very picture of fanaticism. In her blood lust for power, Seryu undergoes numerous surgeries to transform her body into a weapon of war. Her madness twists her in knots, motivating her to limits no normal person could endure.

Noble Phantasm: Judgement of the Ten Heavenly Kings – Seryu chose to modify her body with ten weapons/tools to turn her into the ultimate weapon. Even in her deranged state, she possesses the battle field awareness to use these tactical advantages. The final of the ten judgments being a suicide bomb tucked within her head to be sure she didn’t fail in her pursuit of justice.

Why I can’t pick her: So, here’s a little bias on my part. Seryu is just one of those characters you can’t help but hate. I know the Berserker will struggle in this team set up, but I could just see Seryu detonating that bomb and taking out her teammates.


Anime Holy Grail War Berserker – Arita Haruyuki

Anime Holy Grail War Berserker - Haruyuki
Anime: Accel World – Image: Yen Press

Haruyuki is the character I feel the most personal connection with. However, it is the primal rage portion that I don’t relate to. Haruyuki is infected by a parasitic piece of equipment called the Armor of Catastrophe. It is a negative incarnation of will that causes the wearer to fall into madness and attack ally and foe alike. Haruyuki’s berserk nature manifests itself completely with the armor’s companionship.

Noble Phantasm: Chrome Disaster – The Armor of Catastrophe is a manifestation of a powerful negative will. It is resentment and despair and rage. It literally infects the wearer with the berserk madness of previous users. In return it grants the wearer with immense strength and a number of special abilities.

Why I can’t pick him: In the end, I think it is my connection to Haruyuki that leads me to believe he couldn’t be a Berserker long term. He possesses a spark of madness, but it is carefully tended to and isolated. I know I keep a close check on the crazy between my ears.


Anime Holy Grail War Berserker – Meliodas

Anime Holy Grail War Berserker - Meliodas
Anime: Seven Deadly Sins – Gif: Netflix

The captain of the Seven Deadly Sins, Meliodas the Dragon’s Sin of Wrath is another character with conflicting sides. The face we see most often is the one that is frank, fearless, and a bit pervy. Meliodas embraces the joy of living and sacrifices to bring his friends back together. On the other hand, his wrath is a bomb of reckless madness. When his woman is put in danger, Meliodas reverts to a demonic force of primal nature unable to see reason. In fact, his rage is only stayed by Elizabeth’s presence.

Noble Phantasm: Demonic Mark – Not only does Meliodas possess great physical strength and incomparable magic, he has a demonic power that leaves him virtually impervious. When he seizes this dormant power, Meliodas becomes nigh unstoppable but the rage basically blinds his reason. It leaves him unable to communicate or use his most powerful innate skill (Full Counter).

Why I picked him: When it comes down to the selection, I had to go with who I felt had the most power even while lost in the forest of madness. Meliodas is a character that comes with experience of using his wild powers in a group. He may not have true control once fallen into his berserk state, but his undeniable power makes him a formidable ally.


Anime Holy Grail War Berserker – Conclusion

Once again, I found myself with a plethora of options for the Anime Holy Grail War Berserker. This time I did my best to avoid a few of the more deliberate overpowered Berserker options in an effort to clear up the playing field. Naruto caught in the madness of the 9-tailsIchigo beneath the mask of the HollowEren controlling a Titan bodyGuts blinded by rage with his Dragon Slayer coated in blood – all these were on my list.

What Berserker is worthy of another look? Do you think Meliodas makes a suitable selection here? I’d love to hear your thoughts, dear reader! I invite you to reach out to me on my social medias (FacebookInstagramTwitter). There’s only class left (the Assassin) but I’m thinking about doing a recap article with some reader suggested choices as a second team. Let me know what you think!


Featured Image: Ufotable & Aniplex



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