‘All American’: 5 Reasons To Watch

The CW’s new show All American follows Spencer James, a high school football player at Crenshaw High recruited to play for a team in Beverly Hills, and is inspired by true events of former NFL player Spencer Paysinger’s life. Here are five reasons you should give this new CW show a watch!

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# 1 Representation

All American has a pretty diverse cast. Multiple perspectives, races, genders, sexual orientations, is all a part of good storytelling, and is a crucial part of giving a platform to all people, making us better and more empathetic humans. Hopefully, the show will maintain a high level of “wokeness,” and we will not be disappointed.

All American cast photo
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# 2 Inspired By a True Story

Spencer Paysinger is the inspiration behind All American. The former NFL star experienced the same culture shock moving from southern Los Angeles to Beverly Hills. Everyone likes a story based on true events, however, as the show airs it will be fun to find out which storylines/situations were from his real life and which ones were fictionalized. Paysinger will also serve as a producer of the series, making sure the football we see on screen is authentic.

Spencer Paysinger

# 3 The Cast

Taye Diggs of Private Practice and Cody Christian of Teen Wolf are just a few of the very talented roster of actors to appear in All American. Daniel Ezra is taking the lead as Spencer James, Michael Evans Behling, Samantha Logan, and Monet Mazur are some more of the familiar faces you will see in this new series.

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# 4 Friday Night Lights Vibes

Wait, are the Taylor’s going to show up holding hands while being the epitome of relationship goals? Is Tim Riggens going to melt my heart again? Is Coach Taylor going to walk into the locker room and give uplifting speeches? No. But considering FNL is the most iconic high school football show in history, I know I’ll feel those vibes and give a silent nod to that world.

FNL cast photo

# 5 Go Sports!

I don’t know about you, but football isn’t exactly my forte. But there is something to be said about the way sports can rally people of all walks of life to cheer in the stands, or maybe even to join a team. I love teams. I love exploring team dynamics, and working for a common goal. There is inspiration and beauty in that. Nothing translates teamwork more than sports.


All American premiers on October 10 at 9 PM



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