‘The Good Place’ recap: 3×02 “The Brainy Bunch”

The Good Place recap: Season 3, Episode 2, “The Brainy Bunch,” Aired Oct. 4, 2018
We didn’t have to wait long to find out why Trevor showed up in Chidi’s study. He was working with Shawn to try to best the group because messing with them was more fun than just turning Michael into Judge Gen. With Trevor and the Bad Place goons actively working to break up Team Cockroach (The Brainy Bunch?), Michael and Janet have to intervene on Earth. Can they stop Trevor from ruining the humans’ second chances?

The Good Place The Brainy Bunch 3x02 Michael stands up to Trevor

The plan

The Good Place The Brainy Bunch 3x02 Trevor joins the humans on Earth

Trevor has his work cut out for him. He pretended to be an overeager, clingy new guy in Chidi’s study in an attempt to annoy the participants into dropping out. Trevor acted like he wanted to be best friends with them all, with a focus on Eleanor. He named them The Brainy Bunch and got the group to go out to dinner with him at the most American restaurant ever thought up – ever.

The Good Place The Brainy Bunch 3x02 Trevor drinks with Tahani and Jason

At dinner, he got under Chidi’s skin with an ethical dilemma, he got Eleanor to bail early, and he got Tahani and Jason drunk enough to go home together. With all those successes, Trevor was feeling pretty good about himself.


The Good Place The Brainy Bunch 3x02 Janet on Earth with no powers

Janet is human for the first time, Earth having stripped her of her powers and constantly updated knowledge. Without the ability to summon things, she posed as a waitress to try to counter all of Trevor’s actions while remaining in disguise.

I feel like I’m not alone in saying I would love for Janet to bring me jalapeño poppers and drinks.

The fix

Trevor’s sabotage caused Eleanor to ditch the group meeting the morning after the horrible dinner, and Chidi went to her hotel to get her back in the study.

The Good Place The Brainy Bunch 3x02 Chidi wants Eleanor back in the study

Turns out Michael and Janet’s meddling was not exactly necessary. Michael warned Trevor these humans always find each other and bond on their own. In the past, every time Team Cockroach got separated, they found their way back to each other. In the end, Trevor didn’t do quite enough damage to achieve his goal.


Michael, Janet, and Trevor are summoned by Judge Gen just when things got back on Michael’s planned path. Turns out Michael and Janet meddling in human affairs had some ripple effects, such as Brexit, The Greatest Showman, and the success of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Good Place The Brainy Bunch 3x02 Judge Gen summons Michael Janet and Trevor

As punishment for intervening, Michael and Janet were to be sent to the Bad Place while the humans lived their lives unmonitored from that point on, but the two were able to escape back to Earth with help from the Doorman. Looks like we’ll continue to be on Earth for another episode.


Next week, Michael and Janet are back on Earth. After escaping from Judge Gen, the two know they’re in trouble. They’re sure to get into some crazy stuff on Earth, which will be even more entertaining with the absence of their powers.
I’m wondering how long we’ll be spending on Earth this season. As I thought about the season a few weeks ago, I did not expect to be on Earth more than a few episodes. I have no idea where the plot is headed, and I am loving every twist, turn, and surprise. Stick around, benches! This is going to be one forking fun season!

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