‘Superstore’ Season 4 Premiere: 5 best moments

Superstore Season 4 Premiere: 4×01 “Back to School,” Aired October 4, 2018

Cloud 9’s finest folks are back and ready to tackle one of retail worker’s biggest seasons – back to school, but school supplies were the last thing on everyone’s mind. When we last saw the gang, Jonah and Amy were taking their relationship to the next level. It was an intimate moment . . . that they accidentally streamed to every Cloud 9 store in the world! How did that change their relationship? Are they together now? The Superstore Season 4 Premiere answered those questions and more!

Let’s break down the best moments from the Superstore Season 4 Premiere!

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#1 Trucker Glenn. He is the quirkiest boss on TV, and he has the biggest heart. After Amy and Jonah’s jaunt in the photo lab, they were suspended. Amy took a job as a waitress at a truck stop diner and Glenn went to visit and tip $20 every night just to make sure she was okay. He is the BEST.

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#2 J-Bone and A-hole. We love Amy, our feminist warrior! Amy figures out that the reason nobody is making fun of her about the sex stream is because she is a woman. She quickly calls them all out on their sexist crap because she is amazing.

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#3 Superstore tackles #MeToo and #TimesUp – ish. Thanks to the lingering conversation surrounding Jonah and Amy’s tryst, the rest of the employees get a little too involved. One of the store’s younger employees takes Amy’s healthy, sex positive declaration the wrong way and hits on her. Once again, the team is forced into the break room for another round of harassment training.

Glenn finally realizes that the HR tapes they used to air are no longer appropriate and is clearly lost when it comes to this subject. The rest of the team is no better, but thankfully they have Amy (and Jonah) to lead the conversation on their sexual encounter. They also open it up to questions and talk it out until there is nothing left on the table.

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#4 Virtual Myrtle. Instead of bringing back ACTUAL Myrtle, Jeff (the corporate sell-out) tries to win everyone back by bringing in a Virtual Greeter Myrtle. It’s creepy AF and everyone still hates him for what he did to real Myrtle. It was a hilarious attempt and so very Jeff.

(Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

#5 JONAH AND AMY! After making us (and everyone) think that they are not an item and haven’t pursued anything since their sexy photo lab time, we see that Jonah and Amy are in fact TOGETHER!!!! YAY!

What a way to end an episode! We are so excited to see what happens with our favorite retail working couple! We also can’t wait to see if they are able to keep their relationship a secret this season!

What was your favorite moment from the Superstore Season 4 Premiere? Hit the comments and let us. 


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