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‘Pure Murders and Mysteries’ podcast: “Episode 5: The Disappearance of Brian Shaffer”

Pure Murders and Mysteries podcast, “Episode 5: The Disappearance of Brian Shaffer”

Brian Shaffer was a 27-year-old Ohio State University medical student when he disappeared into thin air after a night of partying with a friend. The son of Randy and Renee Shaffer, Brian was finishing up med school at OSU when he went missing on April 1, 2006. His mother Renee had passed away just three weeks before his disappearance after losing her battle with myelodysplastic.

Brian was flagged as a missing person when he didn’t show up for a flight the following Monday—he was planning on taking a vacation with his girlfriend, Alexis Waggoner.

disappearance brian shaffer
Derek, Brian, and Renee Shaffer (image: Lori Davis)

His body and no evidence were ever found, and video footage from Columbus’ Ugly Tuna Saloona seems to suggest that Brian never actually left the bar he entered that night. Was Brian murdered, or could he have snuck out and left the country to start a new life? The theories surrounding this case are abundant, and sometimes bizarre.

Brad, Lindi, and Jasmine discuss the follow in “The Disappearance of Brian Shaffer”:

  • The facts behind Brian’s disappearance from the Ugly Tuna Saloona
  • The friend he was with that night, Clint Florence
  • The Smiley Face Killer theory
  • Could Brian still be alive?
  • Other cases that seem similar to Brian’s and personal theories

Listen to Episode 5:


There were several wonderful sources for this episode of PMMPodcast. One of the main ones is Columbus Monthly’s In the Name of the Father, written by April Johnston. We highly recommend reading this piece if you’re interested in the details of Brian Shaffer’s disappearance.

If you’re looking to go down the theory rabbit hole, hit up the Reddit subthread dedicated to this topic.

Other sources for the episode include: The Columbus Dispatch, The Lantern, The Charley Project, and Medium.

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A true crime podcast all about the murders, gross injustices, unsolved mysteries, and conspiracies that send us down the rabbit hole. Hosted by Brad, Jasmine, and Lindi of Pure Fandom.

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