‘Wynonna Earp’: 5 best episodes (so far)

We’ve entered the long hiatus before season 4 of Wynonna Earp premieres next year. Earpers, I’m already missing this wonderful show so it seems like a good time as any to reminisce about the best Wynonna Earp episodes so far.  With its mix of humor and horror, Wynonna Earp manages to make it’s sometimes ridiculous premise work because it takes the time to make the characters and their relationships work. These are the episodes that best showcase this.

#5 “I Walk the Line” Season 1, episode 13

Wynonna Earp knows how to deliver a good season finale and this episode does not disappoint, it’s full of the mix of humor and tears that the show does so well. Season one is about Wynonna’s journey to accept her role as a hero. Here, she has to face her biggest challenge yet, Willa’s betrayal. The long lost eldest Earp sister and Bobo are allies and lovers. Despite Wynonna’s attempts to bring her sister back to the light, Willa is a lost cause and in the end, Wynonna has to shoot her sister. Turns out being a hero kind of sucks sometimes, but our girl never backs down.

#4 “Jolene” Season 3, Episode 5

We all have inner demons that whisper our insecurities and cause chaos in our lives. Except in Waverly’s case, Jolene is a literal demon who is out to destroy her. Jolene is creepy AF, armed with a smile and some magical baked goods, she uses secrets and insecurities to tear the team apart. Jolene turns everyone against Waverly and it’s awful to watch. Sad and alone, Jolene urges Waverly to kill herself, but Waverly finds her inner strength. Yes, everyone is mad at her, but she loves them and they love her, unconditionally. She knows Nicole will show. She has faith Wynonna will come. And we know she’s right.

Bonus: Mama Earp gets to hang out with both of her daughters, and their dynamics are fascinating to watch. The bar fight was one of the funnier aspects of the episode, even as it reinforced the idea that Michelle’s worst tendencies are reflected in Wynonna.

#3 “When You Call My Name” Season 3, Episode 2


As a regular Wynonna Earp episode, this is solid. Waverly is kidnapped and gets her voice taken. Wynonna searches for her while chatting up a hallucination of her mother, but this is not just a regular episode; it’s the final episode of Agent Xavier Dolls. Look, I wish Dolls was still a part of the show: there are so many missed opportunities when it comes to his character, but I am glad the show gave him the send-off he deserved: that of a hero.

While Wynonna and Dolls interact in this episode, it’s really the Dolls and Doc relationship that gets to shine here. These two have always been fascinating to watch, reluctant allies who became friends even when they didn’t always like each other. Dolls is right to get upset when Doc tells him they’re the same. Dolls was always a good guy, plain and simple, he fights for the right side because it’s the right thing to do. And that’s how Dolls dies, doing the right thing, consequences be damned.

#2 “She Ain’t Right” Season 2, episode 4

After a Black Badge agent gets his hand cut off for a briefcase, Waverly goes undercover to retrieve it! Waverly, always up for a challenge, is not half-bad at this spy thing. She even gets to sing! It’s all fun and games, until Waverly gets her hand chopped off while Wynonna helplessly watches. Keep in mind she is possessed by a goo monster, so the hand does grow back, but it’s still such a jaw-dropping moment. In between hands getting cut off, the Earp sisters get to bond, Waverly confesses that there’s something wrong with her. The strength of the love between these two is my favorite thing to watch. It’s this mix of high stakes, emotion and humor that makes the show so good. Also, tacos are tasty, best or worst code word ever?

#1 “I Hope You Dance”  Season 2, Episode 12

Doc Holliday

This episode gives me all the feels. It’s a very plot heavy episode that stands out because of the way it manages to balance out the action with all the heavy-emotional stuff. The Widows, who have been terrorizing the town all season, are actually dispatched with halfway through the episode. In order to defeat them, Doc and Wynonna ACTUALLY SHOOT AT EACH OTHER, giving viewers and Waverly a small heart attack. It’s a ridiculous and amazing moment. I adore the fact that the heavily pregnant Wynonna is still allowed to kickass and be the hero.

Wynonna gives birth on the pool table at Shorty’s and then immediately has to give her daughter up. The whole team must work together to get baby Alice out of Purgatory. As they say their good-byes to baby Alice, our hearts break over and over. When Wynonna vows to Doc that she’s going to break the curse for their daughter’s sake, I never doubted her for a moment. 

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