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The CW’s The Vampire Diaries Universe: Meet the characters of the new show ‘Legacies’

Hope Mikaelson shouldn’t be a new name for fans of the now-official TVDU, The Vampire Diaries Universe. The character is the star of the new CW show, Legacies, from executive producer and series creator Julie Plec. This is Plec’s second spinoff from The Vampire Diariesand this time she’s stepping back into Mystic Falls-fueled adolescence. The Originals ended this year with a bittersweet (and somber) series finale, but fans don’t have to say goodbye forever to the Mikaelson name. Danielle Rose Russell, who played a teenaged Hope Mikaelson in the final season of The Originals, will carry on the Mikaelson name in Legacies.

‘Legacies’ trailer at SDCC: Is Hope Mikaelson a hero or villain?

The show will follow Hope as she lives in a post-Originals world at The Salvatore Boarding School, where she’s joined by a band of supernatural friends, foes, and possible love interests. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the show’s star characters.

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Hope Mikaelson (Danielle Rose Russell)

A tri-bryid (werewolf, vampire, and witch), Hope is truly unique in that she’s the only one of her kind. She has a close relationship with The Salvatore School Headmaster, Alaric Saltzman, and I have a feeling she’ll have more Mystic Falls mysteries to uncover that us diehard-fans haven’t seen told yet.

Julie Plec at SDCC 2018: ‘Originals’ spinoff ‘Legacies’ is about friendship

Alaric Saltzman (Matthew Davis)

As The Salvatore School Headmaster, Matthew Davis is stepping back into the beloved role of “Ric”. First introduced as a teacher in The Vampire Diaries, Alaric is continuing the familiar profession as headmaster. How can a solemn teacher take on a school of supernatural children? As TVD fans know, Alaric has had his fair share of supernatural encounters/transformations, and this may have something to do with his wrangle on the teenaged students who have a clear physical advantage over him.


Lizzie and Josie Saltzman (Jenny Boyd and Kaylee Bryant)

The twins daughters of Alaric and Josette “Jo” Laughlin have a major supernatural history. I should also mention Jo is their biological mother—the TVDU character Caroline Forbes is who actually birthed/raised them due to a storyline from TVD (it’s a long story). They come from the infamous Gemini Coven, which holds some very, very, dark power. Time will tell how deep into the mythology from TVD the show will pull from for the characters’ development, but there’s enough material to work with to bring some new revelations for fans that are aware of their family history.


Landon Kirby (Aria Shahghasemi)

First seen on The Originals, Landon Kirby (right) is a local to Mystic Falls. On The Originals he had some major chemistry with Hope Mikaelson—read: love interest. The other handsome fellow in the photo (left) will be character Rafael, played by Peyton ‘Alex’ Smith. The other handsome fellow in the main cast photo of this article (bottom left) is character M.G., played by Quincy Fouse.


The Vampire Diaries Universe BONUS: Matt Donovan and Jeremy Gilbert!

TVD fans, two of our beloved characters are returning for at least one episode this season, Mystic Falls sheriff Matt Donovan and Jeremy Gilbert (you know, Elena Gilbert/Salvatore’s brother). I’ll let your wheels turn on how they’ll be part of the new show’s story.

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