‘The Resident’ 2×02 recap: “The Prince & The Pauper”

The Resident 2×02, “The Prince & The Pauper”, Aired October 1, 2018.

The Resident is back to its old ways of calling out the system. Thank God. The show is groundbreaking with how it focuses on issues within the healthcare industry. In The Resident 2×02, we watch our team struggle to save two children and set the groundwork for a new clinic. Oh, and Bell got arrested. #NBD

The face that launched a thousand police cars

'The Resident' 2x02 Bell's mugshot
The Resident | FOX

Apparently, Dr. Bell does have a heart and it beats for Dr. Lane Hunter. It must hurt when you have your beloved arrested for murder and insurance fraud. Anyways, Bell pined away for his love in the most typical and idiotic way possible– getting hooker. As the CEO of a top hospital, you’d think he’d be more careful. Then again, he has a serious God complex and totally walked into that trap. Bell chose a hooker who looked like Hunter, except the woman was neither Hunter or a hooker, she was an undercover cop. It was pretty awesome to see Bell panicking with a plethora of cop cars surrounding him as he drowned in a sea of red and blue lights.

'The Resident' 2x02 Bell being arrested
The Resident | FOX

Of course, when you have the God complex that Bell does, you find consequences are optional. Bell was found guilty and ordered to report his arrest to the Medical Board. Unfortunately, and within a matter of seconds I might add, Bell realized no one would be checking to see if he actually did tell the Board. Consequently, he ripped up the form and said no one would know of his arrest and went about his merry way. I cannot wait until someone dredges up his arrest record. Will Bell be CEO for long? We should do a vote.

The prince of unfortunate events

'The Resident' 2x02 Jack on his hospital bed looking at Conrad.
The Resident 2×02 | FOX

Jack was rollerblading in a bad-ass outfit when someone accidentally barreled right into him. He crushed his midsection and it was bad. A fellow skater called 911 and a helicopter race ensued. Atlanta General, Chastain, and a third hospital had emergency responders rush to the scene to get to Jack first. It wasn’t about saving his life either. Whoever took the patient would be able to bill them for the ride. Don’t worry, it’s just a cool $40K.

'The Resident' 2x02 Mina in surgery
The Resident | FOX

The only good news for Jack was that his parents could afford his care. Jack was his family’s lifeline. They recently lost his sister to cancer and Jack helped his parents carry on. Unfortunately, Jack had pancreatic cancer. As his family pushed to take him to the best surgeon possible, Conrad stopped them from leaving. Jack wouldn’t make it due to his injuries and so, the surgery was performed at Chastain. In even more bad news, the surgery was difficult and getting rid of the cancer turned arduous. Jack needed a Whipple procedure and the only person truly qualified was Bell.

'The Resident' 2x02 HODAD in surgery
The Resident | FOX

After a very tense surgery, Bell did indeed save Jack. His parents were very grateful and so were their wallets. Once again, Jack was lucky his family could afford treatment and care. Seriously though, Jack’s dad handed a Chastain employee his credit card and insurance info the moment he stepped into the hospital. He knows how the system works.

Louboutins don’t come cheap

'The Resident' 2x02 Jenna Dewan as Julian.
The Resident | FOX

You know who else knows how the system works? Tech companies making medical devices and selling them for top dollar. Jenna Dewan’s role in season 2 was finally brought to light in The Resident 2×02. She’s a device rep named Julian who has a knack for selling. She got the stubborn Dr. Austin to look at her products and sold a $10,000 insulin pump in less than two minutes. According to Julian, she has a superpower and no, it’s not selling over-priced metal chunks. She can figure out what kind of doctor someone is even before they do. Devon was intrigued and unleashed her on his medical students. Julian used her power on Devon, as well, and said he enjoyed the ER. She predicted he would work in other departments too saying, “all the good ones [doctors] do more than one thing.”

The newbie get the babies

'The Resident' 2x02 Devon meets the Med Students
The Resident | FOX

Devon got to babysit this episode after Feldman and Conrad dumped four first-year med students on him. He had them check out a patient starting with listening to his heart. After a series of terrifying diagnostic theories, the lone female bravely admitted to hearing nothing wrong. She was also the only person who was correct. One of the students, the one headed for Silicon Valley according to Julian, was a grade-A douche. He figured the 4 years of med school was just decor for the degree and thought he knew it all.  Sadly, his confidence almost cost a patient her life. After the scare, Devon told all the students to go home. He was pissed. Devon had told the group to retrieve a piece of equipment and to ask a nurse for help. Silicon Valley picked up the wrong device and ran. Luckily, Nic was quick and switched the plan.

'The Resident' 2x02 Devon with med student
The Resident | FOX

Feldman realized the student responsible understood the consequences of his mistake and was watching the girl, Abby. You could see the raw emotion on his face as he fully comprehended the fact that his choices can have severe effects. Devon spoke with him and let him know about his mistake from last season where he brought someone back, but braindead. Similar to Conrad, Devon reached out and explained the hardships of the job. You’ll lose people, and you’ll always remember them, but you have to move on. Maybe Julian was right, the guy may be destined for Silicon Valley. He’ll still make a difference by creating amazing technology that saves lives.

The pauper with a good heart

'The Resident' 2x02 Abby in hospital bed
The Resident | FOX

Healthcare has become an increasingly profit-based industry and people are the victims. Abby is diabetic and requires insulin to stay alive. The price for a vial of insulin has increased 1,200% even though the drug has not changed. As a result, many are having financial difficulties obtaining the medication they need just to live their lives. Abby’s mother works two jobs and still can barely afford the insulin her daughter so desperately needs. Abby saw her mother’s struggles and tried to ration her supply, which landed her at Chastain. Abby even tried stealing the insulin to avoid the large bill.

'The Resident' 2x02 Abby stealing insulin
The Resident | FOX

Human life is worth more than money. The Resident has been showing us the dark side of healthcare since its first season. Hopefully, through spreading awareness, we as a society can work to help those who just want a chance at life. We need to help those who are trying their best, but still need some assistance. It was not Abby’s fault or her mother’s. The blame belongs to the companies that exponentially and unnecessarily increase drug prices just to fill their own wallets.

Marshall Winthrop is chaotic good

'The Resident' 2x02 Marshall and Nic discuss Abby
The Resident | FOX

Conrad’s dad, Marshall Winthrop, was all over The Resident 2×02. He appreciates his son’s input and had him sit in on a meeting with Bell. They discussed how they could make Chastain better. Bell, unsurprisingly, fixated on increasing revenue. Conrad, on the other hand, focused on giving patients the best care.

'The Resident' 2x02 Bell Winthrop and Hawkins
The Resident | FOX

Bell’s dispute was, “This is a business, not a charity. No money, no mission.” To which Conrad responded with, “That’s the option, your money or your life?” Winthrop mediated and asked for Conrad and Bell to find a middle ground. Hospitals should help people, but they need funds to function. However, after seeing Abby’s situation it seemed like Winthrop was willing to try and make Chastain better for the community.

An out-patient clinic for the masses

'The Resident' 2x02 clinic discussion
The Resident | FOX

If there’s anything Winthrop has achieved, it’s giving Conrad, Nic, and Mina a foot in the door. A door they otherwise would have needed to spend years in their respective fields before even getting a chance to open. The trio, along with Winthrop and Bell discussed opening a clinic for the people of Atlanta. Abby’s scare showed Marshall the horrors of people not having access to treatment because of their financial status. The trio will plan and calculate the costs and benefits of opening the clinic. Then, they will present the information at the next board meeting. It’s a step in the right direction. It includes community outreach to connect people and is a way for the millions who are uninsured to get some medical attention. Let’s hope it works out.

The Resident 2×02 special shout-outs

'The Resident' 2x02 Mina and Micah
The Resident | FOX
  • Love is in the air and it made my heart sing. CoNic opened the episode with a rooftop dinner date. Micah and Mina reaffirmed their commitment and shared several special moments throughout the episode.
    'The Resident' 2x02 Mina and Micah hold hands
    The Resident | FOX
  • Dr. Austin is triple-board certified because why not? He’s also got the hots for Mina.
    'The Resident' 2x02 Dr. Austin
    The Resident | FOX
  • Julian (Jenna Dewan) was a dancer who was injured. Thanks to medical devices, she was able to walk again.
    'The Resident' 2x02 Julian's scar
    The Resident | FOX

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