Anime WOW moment: 5 scenes that will shock your senses

An anime WOW moment – that scene that when you see it your jaw just drops. Maybe you are just watching an anime, but this moment gets its hooks into you. Next thing you know, you are flabbergasted over and gabbing all about this scene. It shocks your senses (see what I did there with the featured image). You melt into the fandom at that moment.

Spoiler warning: You may be used to my normal warning by now. However, special emphasis on this one. WOW moments may be things that actually ruin the buildup and anticipation of watching the anime for yourself for the first time. Nonetheless, I’m not trying to impair your enjoyment. I have chosen these moments in an attempt to get that hook of interest into you. If these moments reach you, please enjoy them!  

Anime WOW moment #1 – All Might vs the 1st Nomu

Anime Wow moment - AllMight vs Nomu
Anime: My Hero Academia – Gif: Funimation

Previously, I’ve shared my deep abiding love of My Hero Academia. I connect to the main character and thoroughly enjoy the large, diverse cast of support characters. Given that, the moment that hooked me is the one above. Till that point there was no challenge to All Might. But in the face of a being engineered to take down the symbol of peace, the threat becomes REAL! This scene just grabs a hold of our attention and demands to be experienced.

Anime WOW moment #2 – Goku goes Super Saiyan for the first time

Anime WOW moment - Goku
Anime: Dragonball Z – Gif: Funimation

Firsts are important – your first kiss, your first Doctor, the first time you go Super Saiyan. Well that last one is more for Goku. And the moment we are looking at is the one above. There’s this deep breath moment when the spirit bomb connects. You have to feel like there’s moment of victory at hand. Then after all the wondering about Piccolo’s true intentions and the horror of Krillin detonating in mid-air, this moment happens. You see just what happens when you push a good man too far.

Anime WOW moment #3 – Nagisa vs Mr. Takaoka round 2

Anime WOW moment - Nagisa
Anime: Assassination Classroom – Gif: Funimation

There are so many shocking reveals in Assassination classroom. I just had to include the final one in my Bon Festival article. Whereas the moment above is somewhere closer to the middle. It is a startling realization that the students of class 3-E have a chance to save the world. It may be against a human opponent rather than against Korosensei (who moves at Mach 20). But this human assassin has an overwhelming size and experience advantage. This scene becomes the first moment where I can believe the students have a fighting chance at victory against the real deal.

Anime WOW moment #4 – Yukine sacrifices himself for Yato

Anime WOW moment - Yukine
Anime: Noragami – Gif: Funimation

At the beginning of Noragami, Yato is a narcissist only concerned with gathering followers and receiving worship. At the same time, Yukine is a snotty brat annoyed with his homeless predicament. You would never expect these two to develop any meaningful relationship. Yato is constantly making up work, while Yukine is avoiding it. But in the heat of battle, where both their lives are on the line, Yukine throws himself in front of a blow that would kill Yato. The anime WOW moment comes from seeing how their relationship evolves to that heartbreaking incident.

Anime WOW moment #5 – Lizzy goes off vs zombies on the high seas

Anime WOW moment - Lizzy
Anime: Black Butler – Gif: Funimation

You could call this moment one of subverted expectations. The story of Black Butler revolves around Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian (his demonic butler) and their shenanigans. Lady Elizabeth Midford is nearly always shown as an enthusiastic young woman who is obsessively in love with Ciel. She wears pretty dresses and is prone to temper tantrums when she doesn’t get her way. However, when Ciel is injured and weaponless against (essentially) zombies aboard a sinking ship, Lizzy flips a switch. The gif doesn’t do her enough justice. So, I highly recommend a watching of Kuroshitsuji: Book of the Atlantic like asap!

It wouldn’t surprise you to know I have a whole list of more WOW moments written down. I could just go on and on. If you’d like to hear a few more or share your own favorite moments, find me on social (FacebookInstagramTwitter).

(Featured image: Viz Media)


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