‘The Good Place’ season premiere recap: 3×01, “Everything Is Bonzer!”

The Good Place season premiere recap: Season 3, Episode 1, “Everything Is Bonzer!” Aired Sept. 27, 2018

Welcome! Everything is fine!

Well, everything is fine after Michael repeatedly returned to Earth to push Team Cockroach together. Otherwise, it was a complete disaster as each of the humans reverted to their bad selves after temporary changes for the better. And it doesn’t help that Shawn’s demons hacked into the judge’s system to keep tabs on the experiment.

But all things considered, as the episode title suggests, everything is bonzer! And for those who don’t know (I didn’t), bonzer is Australian slang for excellent.


The Good Place season premiere Everything is Bonzer Eleanor finds Chidi

We got a peek at Eleanor’s life on Earth in last season’s finale. This episode picked up where we left off. After flying from Arizona to Australia to see Chidi, this self-proclaimed “trash bag” asked the professor to be her moral guide. He gave her ethics lessons that felt just like the ones from when they were in the afterlife. In return, Eleanor played matchmaker between Chidi and his neuroscientist crush. It was all very cute. If Eleanor and Chidi can’t be together, Simone is a decent alternative.

Oh, and Eleanor pronounces “gif” like “jif.” I’m pretty sure that’s the real reason she was in the Bad Place.


The Good Place season premiere Everything is Bonzer Chidi Anagonye

After his near-death experience, Chidi sought out a neuroscientist to see if his decision-making issues stemmed from a physical problem in his brain. With the help of his neuroscientist-turned-friend Simone, he decided to be decisive. His newfound decision-making skills made him happy for the first time ever, but seeing some negative consequences to his fast decisions sent Chidi spiraling back into indecisiveness. However, he made the decision to help Eleanor become a good person with barely a thought.

Just when Michael realized he needed a reason for the humans to get together, Chidi began a study focusing on near-death experiences and ethical decision-making. This is the perfect thesis to bring Team Cockroach together.


The Good Place season premiere Everything is Bonzer Tahani Al Jamil

After being saved by Michael, Tahani gave up her possessions and deleted her celebrity contacts from her phone. She went to live in a Buddhist monastery to get out of the spotlight, but the spotlight followed her. Tahani went back to her old ways almost exact the moment people showed interest in her. She went back to her own life, though far more popular, and was deluded into thinking she was still a good person.

When confronted by Michael, whose obnoxious investor persona accused her of being an awful person, Tahani took the first opportunity to help people – Chidi’s thesis.


The Good Place season premiere Everything is Bonzer Jason Mendoza

Jason realized he almost died trying to rob a Mexican restaurant, so he decided he needed to change his life. He set off to win a dance contest with a new dance crew. Dance Dance Resolution got disqualified from their first competition for having too many members on stage, and that jump-started a losing streak. Jason feels sorry for himself and realizes that there’s more to life than amateur dance competitions. Lost and looking for meaning to his life, he is easy prey for Michael, who is able to get Jason to Australia with promises of a new crew with people doing the same meaning-searching as him.


In his visits to Earth to help his friends, Michael played bartender, mysterious librarian, obnoxious investor, and talent scout. With some nudging, he was able to get the humans together in Chidi’s study. Point – Michael!

The Good Place series premiere Everything Is Bonzer Michael interferes

Michael couldn’t have succeeded without some help. Janet was a kind of moral guide for Michael in this episode, trying to keep him from intervening too much and getting in trouble. Janet also helped keep Judge Gen distracted so the experiment could continue.

And Michael wouldn’t have been able to keep returning to Earth without the approval of The Doorman. Michael was able to convince the Doorman to repeatedly let him pass through to Earth, and the gullible man was rewarded with a frog-themed mug to keep his decaf antimatter warm. I want to see lots more of The Doorman. Fingers crossed!


That hour flew by! Next week, in yet another brilliant plot twist, Trevor shows up on Earth to try to break the humans apart. I did not see that coming, and I’m delighted. I missed Adam Scott. And I’m pretty certain that whatever actions he takes to try to break up the group will be hilarious and followed by great reactions from Michael. We’re back to half-hour episodes next week. Talk to you then, benches!

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