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HBO Announces ‘Game of Thrones’ tour experiences in Northern Ireland in 2019

HBO Announces Game of Thrones tour experiences in Northern Ireland

Game of Thrones fans, you can now role-play your dreams at the ACTUAL filming locations from your favorite series. HBO has announced that it is launching “Legacy Experiences” in the Northern Island filming locations for the hit series, set to open as early as 2019. This isn’t the first time a major franchise has provided real-life experiences from filming locations; New Zealand is famously known for amping up its tourism through Lord of the Rings travel experiences.


HBO’s Game of Thrones has filmed in Northern Ireland for over a decade, and during that time some of the most beautiful, intricate television sets were produced, including the Stark’s home of Winterfell, Castle Black, and King’s Landing. The standing sets for the former mentioned locations aren’t 100% confirmed, but HBO does confirm: “Each site will feature not only the breathtaking sets, but will also exhibit displays of costumes, props, weapons, set decorations, art files, models, and other production materials. The visitor experience will be enhanced by state-of-the-art digital content and interactive materials which will showcase some of the digital wizardry the series is known for.” In addition, guests will experience “a formal studio tour of Linen Mill Studios, which will showcase a wide array of subject matter from the series spanning all seasons and settings.”

King’s Landing

“We couldn’t be more excited about the Game of Thrones Legacy project coming to Northern Ireland. While fans have seen the stunning landscapes, coastlines and mountains in the series, we are thrilled they will now have the opportunity to fully experience the charm of Northern Ireland and immerse themselves in to the world of Westeros,” said John McGrillen, Chief Executive of Tourism NI. “The Game of Thrones Legacy project will be a game changer for Northern Ireland on the global tourism level. We very much welcome this exciting announcement by HBO and look forward to welcoming many more visitors to our beautiful country as a result.”

Check back for a confirmation date on when the official experience will be available.

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