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‘The Flash’: 5 hopes for season 5

Well, well, well, we’ve reached Season 5! That’s right, The Flash has been on for nearly half a decade now. Time sure goes by in a flash, huh? Sometimes I feel it was just yesterday that I watched Grant Gustin say “Lightning…gave me abs?” on TV. So, what do we want The Flash to give us this year?

1. Speedster races

the flash barry allen wally west
image: the CW

One thing The Flash did that I loved was the speedster races in Season 3. There was an element of family fun to it. Now that Nora Allen is in the mix, the races can literally be a family affair. Wally too appeared in the trailer even though Keiynan Lonsdale will not be a regular, so here’s hoping we’ll have enough of him for some friendly father-daughter-uncle competition.

2. Younger Rogues!

The Flash‘s showrunners mentioned that we will meet younger versions of the Rogues villains. Although no specific names were dropped, high on the wish list is Mick Rory aka Heat Wave. Legends of Tomorrow gave us a glimpse at his past back in their second season, so the groundwork is already there.

3. Minimal time-travelling, please

As exciting it is to see the younger versions of characters, younger selves means time travel, and boy can that be mind boggling. We certainly don’t need another Flashpoint. People might end up dead, or worse, Marty McFly-ed out of existence, as Barry worries for Nora in the comic-con trailer. At least he seems to be a lot more cautious about time-travelling now. Hopefully, nothing too dramatic happens this time.

4. More of Caitlin and Iris

Speaking of messed-up timelines, Caitlin’s history was definitely flipped upside-down as a result of Barry’s Flashpoint antics. She went from being normal Caitlin to Caitlin/Killer Frost, and now just found out her powers were not a result of the particle accelerator explosion. Such a revelation is sure to cause her a lot of doubt. Fortunately, she’ll have the support of Team Flash as she digs into her past. In particular, I would love for the show to tap into Caitlin and Iris’ chemistry. The friendship, trust and support between the two ladies has been sporadic and usually small, but make for really heartfelt moments. Here’s to a blossoming female friendship!

the flash caitlin snow iris west

5. Cisco’s happiness

Boy has Cisco gone through the ringer. He lost his brother, split with his girlfriend, and sort of almost lost another friend. Will this be the season he finally catches a break? Maybe now that Harry is more balanced, Cisco will at least have better company in the lab. That said, season 5 will have “lots of death” and I fear Cisco is the most likely in the main cast to fall. Yikes, I haven’t jinxed it, have I?

the flash cisco ramon harry wells

Bonus: the “Flashlight”?

the flash season 5 flashlight
image: PureFandom

I don’t know why I didn’t see many freaking out over this little snippet from the teaser trailer this summer. I mean, COME ON. That is an iconic piece of equipment. It will probably be short-lived, just a lead-in to the crossover with Batwoman. Still, I’d like to see the show have as much fun with it as possible while it lasts.

The Flash returns October 9, airing Tuesdays at 8/7c on the CW. Ellen Ng will be back to recap the upcoming season. For previous articles on The Flash, head over to the Flash Zone.

(featured image: the CW)


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