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‘The 100’ Casting News: Bourne gets a new identity

The 100 casting news alert – Papa Argent’s got a brand new bag (or planet)! One of our favorite Teen Wolf fellas is heading to the mystery planet on The 100! EW exclusively reported that J.R. Bourne has been cast in a reoccurring role for Season 6 of The 100.

The actor will play Russell, described as “a charismatic leader, a visionary and pioneer who will face the difficult moral choices emblematic of the hard-hitting show.” Russell, who rules over a “peaceful society” will cross paths with Clarke (Eliza Taylor), with whom he’ll develop a — surprise, surprise — “complicated relationship.” – EW

In the Season 5 finale of The 100, we saw Clarke and her crew leaving Earth behind once again – only this time they did not go back. Monty and Harper kept the group in cryo sleep until they reached a brand new planet. There’s no telling what’s in store for them when they land on the new planet, but it sounds like J.R. Bourne’s character will be the man in charge!


We are pumped to see the Teen Wolf alum, Bourne, head to one of our other favorite shows! As you know, on Teen Wolf Bourne played the iconic and stoic werewolf hunter, Chris Argent. Argent started the series as one of Scott’s biggest foes and ended up becoming one of Scott’s closest allies. He was a hunter who went against his family’s code to forge his own way of thinking about the supernatural. It was a super cool arc made even better by the talents of Bourne.

We aren’t sure how Bourne’s character will fit into the ever growing cast on The 100, but we are super excited to find out how that dynamic will work!

The 100 will return for a new, very mysterious sixth season on the CW this winter.

May we meet again in Season 6!


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