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‘Star Wars’ Original Trilogy: Why it’s time to move on

First, I must go on record to say that I love the Star Wars original trilogy. That said, I must reveal that I (a huge Star Wars fan) think it’s time for us to move past the Star Wars original trilogy characters and cast. I know what you are thinking, “this guy is an idiot, let’s get him!” – but before you start sharpening the pitchforks and lighting the torches, hear me out.

I love Star Wars, it is probably my favorite franchise ever and I absolutely love the universe. I love the original trilogy and the original cast and characters. Darth Vader (to me) is one of the greatest, if not THE greatest villain of all time. This isn’t a knock on any of that, or a reflection of what that franchise has done. This is about moving forward, about letting the universe breathe, and about letting the universe show what it’s got.  Let’s take a look at why I think the time has come to let go of the Skywalker saga.

Why they should move on

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#1 It’s a big galaxy. The Star Wars universe is a huge place, with so many interesting places and stories to tell. Instead of going back to the original characters, let’s see what else is out there. A story about Mandalorians? How about the rise of a new Sith Lord?  What about some Old Republic fun, complete with large scale Sith vs Jedi battles? I could go on, but you get the point. There is literally an entire expanded universe (or legends) out there with stories to tap into. Let’s see some of them.

#2 Nostalgia overload. No offense to Disney or the Star Wars original trilogy, but some of these stories feel like they are making Star Wars simply for nostalgic purposes. So much of the new trilogy feels like it is made to remind you of how you felt watching the originals (more on that later) or to pay homage to characters we grew up loving. The stories should be great on their own, without that reminder of when you were a kid.

I love Obi Wan, but do we really need a movie of him or Boba Fett for that matter? Not really. We have seen these characters already and honestly have seen their best moments already. Any solo movie of them would have a hard time living up to what has already happened in the Star Wars original trilogy.

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#3 Critique. That brings me to me next point, the critical nature of us fans and these movies. If you are anything like me, it is had to watch these new movies and not constantly compare them to the original movies and characters. I want to get away from that. I don’t want to watch a movie and debate if that was how that character acted back in 1980.  Because the new trilogy is still at heart a Skywalker story, they will forever be compared to the originals. I want to stop having to make that comparison to the Star Wars original trilogy and let the movies stand on their own.

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#4 Darth Bane. Yeah, I just want this movie to happen. Let’s see the creator of the modern Sith in action.

darth bane

Am I crazy?

Maybe. Maybe I am totally off base with this and maybe they should just keep doing what they are doing. Obviously, I will go see anything they put out and gladly spend my money on all their stuff. I just wonder if a fresh start would be good for the franchise moving forward. Let’s be real, the Last Jedi was not their greatest effort. I don’t think it was as bad as some say, but I didn’t love it the way I should have.

Think about a new Old Republic story though, without having to think about the way Luke is acting. We could let go of looking at the movies through that lens, and just enjoy it for the story telling, the way we should.

But that’s just this fan’s opinion.


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