‘Black Lightning’ Season 2: What we know so far

Guess who’s back … that would be Black Lightning of course! Here’s what we know about Black Lightning season 2 so far!

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I got some deets on what we can expect from the long-awaited Black Lightning season 2. Is the Pierce family well? Is Jennifer handling her new found super powers okay? What about the green light drug issue in Freeland? The questions go on. Lets find out some answers to the many questions to what we may see happening in S2 of the show.

What we know (so far) about season 2:

Daddy/daughter duo returns

Anissa aka Thunder will team up again with her father Black Lightning in season 2. They both had some great scenes together in season 1, so it will be good to see this return. Of course, it will still be interesting to see how Jefferson separates being a father and Black Lightning while Anissa helps him beat the evil in Freeland.

Jennifer learning to deal with her superpowers

We may see Jennifer join Anissa and their dad to becoming a trio after she learns she has abilities near the end of the first season. However, we did see Jennifer struggle to come to terms with it all. This will apparently carry on into the new season. Hopefully with time she will become more accepting of them, just like Anissa was.

New metahumans will emerge

Due to the growing problem of the drug Green Light we saw in S1, in S2 there will be new metahumans emerging. The children that were found in the Green Light pods will have super powers they will have to learn to control. This could either end up with Black Lightning having more allies or it could potentially mean more enemies he may need to face. Whatever the outcome is with these new metahumans, Black Lightning and Co. will have to work together to attempt to either help them or put them down if need be.

The main villains will return from S1

Tobias Whale will of course be returning for the second season as one of the main villains. His story will continue on, just like his fight with Black Lightning. Tobias’ main woman, Syonide, will also join him in being a featured villain throughout S2. Jennifer’s ex boyfriend/turned villain Khalil will also be back for S2. It will be interesting to see if those two will re-kindle their love or whether it is lost forever!

An ally will surface

The show has cast Sofia Vassilieva as the DC comics character Looker. She is a member of the Outsiders superhero team, which Anissa is actually destined to join (if going by the comics). It is unclear as of yet how the show approach this story. Wonder what this will mean for Anissa in the new season with the introduction to this new ally.

No cross-overs (as of yet)

Black Lightning isn’t part of the Arrow-verse meaning that a cross-over would be very unlikely. It is still in it’s own world as of right now. However, that doesn’t mean that in the future it won’t ever be included. Maybe the writers will include it into the Arrow-verse some day and we’ll get to see Black Lightning added into the cross-over episodes.

See the sneak peak of Black Lightning Season 2 below:

Also check out some behind the scene videos on The CW‘s YouTube page.

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Black Lightning season 2 premieres Tuesday October 9 at 9/8c on The CW.

(Image credit: The CW)


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