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‘Once Upon a Time’ season 4: Magic, romance, ice caves

In the neverending journey that is my OUAT rewatch, I am currently on 4B. I forgot how much I adored season 4 of the show, and it may be because Emma and Hook were just so coupley. Like, they were a real-life couple going on dates…fighting snow monsters…I also really dug the Queens of Darkness. Cruella was my favorite villain — she was so sassy. Here are my favorite episodes from season 4:

4×04 “The Apprentice”


Shocking, one of my favorite episodes just so happens to entail Emma and Hook’s first date. Whatever; I don’t regret my choices. What I loved most about this episode is how normal it was. We constantly see Emma battling another big bad, and we see Hook trying to overcome his past and be a hero. However, in this episode, they weren’t the Savior and Captain Hook — they were just Emma Swan and Killian Jones on a date, getting Italian food. The best aspect about this episode, however, is Charming being all stern as Hook picks up Emma for the date. As if Emma isn’t a 30-something-year-old woman. I will forever laugh at that. Plus Snow acting like a mom on prom night, snapping pictures of Emma in her dress is just priceless. We also can’t forget the end-of-the-night kiss either. Nor can we forget Will Scarlett’s quips and Emma and Hook’s remarks back to him. ALL THE SASS.

4×10 “Shattered Sight”


OUAT may be borderline too serious at times, but this episode gave audience members a comedic relief. Seeing everyone as their worst selves was actually quite hilarious. Snow and Charming, the most loving couple ever, were suddenly snapping at each other. Throw in Charming’s sassy remark to Kristoff about selling ice when his whole town is already ice, Hook being shook that Emma used the word together to describe them and Regina sword fighting in her Evil Queen outfit, this episode was all kinds of great. Honestly, whoever wrote this episode is my favorite person ever. Sure, it was kind of dark, but it was also light-hearted. And we got to see what the folks of Storybrooke really thought of each other. It’s like stealing your bff’s diary, except with swords and dark magic.

4×21-22 “Operation Mongoose”


I’ve said this 101 times, but I am saying it again: Once knew how to do season finales. Season 4’s season finale was unique, compared to prior ones (no offense to season 3’s finale, which I loved A LOT). “Operation Mongoose” gave the audience a chance to witness the heroes being the villains and the villains being the heroes. They AUed themselves. It was interesting to see our favorite characters in a different light, especially Evil Snow and ‘allergic to rum’ Hook. Emma’s shock at that was literally all of our reactions too. Captain Hook without his rum?! Goats milk?! Unheard of. The episode was a wild ride as Emma tried to change the fake world to bring everyone back to how it was. Of course, because it is Emma, she managed to save the day and bring everyone back. What a queen.

Also, a moment of appreciation for Emma’s reaction to seeing Hook again? She was SO happy, and it completely melted my heart. Not going to lie, when she thought Hook actually died in the AU world, my heart was slowly breaking. Oh, and let’s not forget what happened at the end of season 4: Dark Emma Swan. Now that was an absolute plot twist that I never saw coming. That was a literally jaw-dropping moment on the show. Side note: Emma and Killian’s first “I love you.” Squee. Let’s also take a moment to Regina’s line about not needing a man for happiness. Yas, girl. And Zelena being terrible, honestly. There were so many great moments.

4×15 “Poor Unfortunate Soul”


So. Many.  Feels. One of my favorite things was seeing Hook being Captain Hook. A man out for revenge, sailing the seven seas. Pirate Hook was great. Despite me loving Pirate Hook, I also loved the Hook that wanted to be a hero and the man right for Emma Swan. His confession that Emma was his happy ending was a heartfelt admission. He knew he may be taking a leap because, Emma and her walls, but he didn’t care. He wanted her to know that she was everything for him. Who needs flowers to make a girl happy? Telling someone that they’re your happy ending is pretty dang romantic. Take notes, guys. Anyway, we finally got to see what Hook’s past with Ursula entailed. Dude did some pretty bad things in his past, but it was always refreshing to see Hook trying to right his wrongs. That is how you do a character development.

4×02 “White Out”


Honorable mention to episode 2 because, MY HEART. I think this episode is so underrated in terms of Captain Swan development. The way Hook looked after Emma when they saved her from the ice castle was just so sweet. The man was using his hook to try to get to her. GOALS. I was pretty excited about the Charming and Hook team up too. It showed that they cared for Emma, and they were willing to put aside their feelings toward each other. Teamwork at its finest. Overall, this episode is one of my favorites to rewatch. I just love it; I can’t explain it.

Feeling nostalgic all over again. What’s your favorite episode from season 4? Sign off below or tweet us!

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