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‘Pure Murders and Mysteries’ podcast: “Episode 4: Did Jeffrey Dahmer kill Adam Walsh?”

Pure Murders and Mysteries podcast, “Episode 4: Did Jeffrey Dahmer kill Adam Walsh?”

The kidnapping and murder of six-year-old Adam Walsh shook the country. He was abducted from a Hollywood, Florida mall in July of 1981 while shopping with his mother. Just two weeks later, his head was found in a drainage canal 120 miles north in Vero Beach, Florida. Adam’s father, John Walsh, went on to create the TV show America’s Most Wanted after losing his son.

Despite numerous mistakes made in the investigation, lack of evidence, and eyewitnesses with conflicting testimony, the murder was officially pegged on drifter serial killer Ottis Toole in 2008.

Ottis Toole Adam Walsh
Ottis Toole

Toole first confessed to killing Adam Walsh back in 1981, but he also recanted numerous times, and his story waffled over the years.

There are many people who think the real killer is Jeffrey Dahmer—another widely known serial killer who happened to be living in Miami, Florida at the time of Walsh’s murder. Several eyewitnesses and startling coincidences point to Dahmer, even though he was adamant to investigators that it wasn’t him.

Jeffrey Dahmer Adam Walsh
Police sketch of Adam Walsh suspect, Jeffrey Dahmer mug shot (South Florida News)

Could Dahmer be the real monster behind the murder of Adam Walsh?

Jasmine, Brad, and Lindi break down the following in “Episode 1: The Murder of Mickey Bryan”:

  • The kidnapping and murder of Adam Walsh
  • The case for and against Ottis Toole being the murderer
  • The case for and against Jeffrey Dahmer being the murderer
  • The missing evidence and botched investigation
  • Could Adam Walsh still be alive?



One of our main sources for this episode was an article written for the Miami Herald by David Smiley and Arthur Jay Harris titled, Adam Walsh murder revisited: The case against Jeffrey Dahmer. Another large source for episode 4, was the Uproxx piece by Daniel Figueroa titled, Is There More To The Adam Walsh Story?

Some information regarding Ottis Toole was found on Murderpedia and Biography.

Harris’ two books regarding the Adam Walsh case and the mysterious man known as A.W. are called The Unsolved Murder of Adam Walsh: Finding the Killer—Did Jeffrey Dahmer Kill Adam Walsh and Jeffrey Dahmer’s Dirty Secret: The Unsolved Murder of Adam Walsh—Book Two: Finding the Victim.

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(Featured image via Florida History Network)


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