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‘Riverdale’ Roundtable: Thoughts on S2 and hopes for S3

In this Riverdale Roundtable, we look back at Season 2’s drama which included the Black Hood, murder, mob trouble and so much more. Season 2 of Riverdale had a LOT going on, good and bad. Lindi Smith, co-founder of Purefandom.com, and I chatted about what we liked, didn’t like and our hopes for Season 3 of Riverdale

#1 What did you think of the Black Hood story-line/wrap up?

Meg: Sigh, yeah. The Black Hood theories were all one million times cooler than the actual resolution we got on this. First came the fake out janitor and then the forced Hal drama. I was a little annoyed with all of it, and I am hoping they don’t rehash it in Season 3. For the love of milkshakes, don’t bring the Black Hood back again!

Lindi: I definitely feel like the theories were more fun. The buildup to the reveal was oddly paced at the end of the season. They were blatantly telling us in the previous couple of episodes who the Black Hood was, and then expected a huge, surprising fan reaction with the final reveal. What really pisses me off is that Alice wasted time trying to make it work with Douchey Hal when she could have been spitting gum with FP. Give me FALICE!

riverdale black hood

#2 Archie had quite the journey this season. He was understandably shaken after his dad was shot, but then he joined forces with mobster man, Hiram. Thoughts?

Meg: Season 2 Archie made me long for the annoying Season 1 Archie in a major way. I love Archie, because I think he really is a great character, but the entire “bones” thing made me crazy. I hate that he was so involved in that story-line this season. 

Lindi: Oh, Riverdale. On what other show could a high school boy act like a seasoned capo that successfully scares off dangerous, murderous mob bosses? It was freaking ridiculous… but I didn’t hate it. It was silly, but it’s the CW, so I just rolled with it. I’m glad they finished the season with Archie making things right with his dad—that melted my heart. And I think Hiram is a great villain!

#3 There was a lot of love in Season 2! Which ship was your favorite this season?

Meg: Choni (Toni and Cheryl) without a doubt. Cheryl is always getting sidelined for the core four, so it was awesome to see her getting her own story. It was great to see them embrace this love story and the hurdles Cheryl had to jump through to accept herself without ripping them apart for the sake of drama. I loved it.

Lindi: Falice forever! But I also love Toni and Cheryl, and I hope we get lots of quality scenes with them in Season 3.

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#4 Jughead’s Serpent drama was also a big part of this season. What did you think about all of that?  

Meg: I really miss the angsty weird writer kid, but I like that he is still fighting for a cause. And I loved that all of the grownups were a little scared of his reporting skills. That was awesome!

Lindi: Again with these teenagers and their thug lives. The fact that Juggy is the leader of the Serpents (which includes adults that have been in the gang forever) is nuts. But improbability aside, I liked the Serpent drama, and I really loved how it all played out in the end.

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#5 The ending saw Archie getting arrested and Hiram lurking in the corner with a smile. Archie isn’t innocent, but he didn’t kill anyone. What do you think will happen now?

Meg: Is it bad that I am okay with Archie chilling in jail for a while? That boy went off the deep end and might need some time to think about the bullshit he got involved in. But I’m sure Veronica will convince her father to undo his damage. Even if they are fighting, she’s still Daddy’s little girl. 

Lindi: Well, at SDCC, the producers made it seem like Archie may be in the slammer for a little longer than fans think. I hope they really take some time to dive into the dynamic of the gang without him, and how Archie deals with life in the slammer. There’s a lot of potential for character growth when it comes to Archie, and I’ve heard that KJ’s acting chops really shine in episode 1. I think Veronica and Fred will be the biggest players in getting him released.

#6 What did you think of the musical episode?

Meg: I am a former musical theater kid, so I was super happy with this episode. It felt like it put the show back on the right path for the rest of the season too. 

Lindi: I liked it! I thought it was well done and fun. I loved Cheryl in the episode—she was the highlight for me.

riverdale musical episode

#7 Grade Riverdale Season 2 (A-F):

Meg: C. I really want to love Riverdale. There are so many thing about the show that I love and I love the characters, but holy hell – Season 2 was kind of a mess. Hopefully, it was just growing pains and by Season 3 they will have their footing because the potential for greatness is there. #BettyCooperIsAGoddess 

Lindi: B-. It had its issues. There were times it was so silly watching Jug and Archie doing totally unrealistic things, that I rolled my eyes and laughed. But I love the characters and the style of the show so much, it wasn’t enough to take my excitement away from watching. I still shamelessly enjoy each episode.

#8 What are your hopes for Season 3?

Meg: I would love more music, more Kevin and way less Mobster Archie!

Lindi: I hope the show brings it back down to earth a little and makes the situations just a tad more realistic. I’m also hoping the show focuses on Cheryl’s transition into the Serpents, life without her psycho mother, and relationship with Toni.

What did you love/hate about Riverdale Season 2? What are your hopes for Season 3? Hit the comments and let us know!

Riverdale will return to The CW on October 10th! 


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