5 Most Inspiring TV Characters in unexpected places

When you look for a show with the most inspiring TV characters, you usually think of a drama. And yes, there are many dramas that lean into the inspirational story-lines of it’s characters and we don’t have to search hard for those emotional character moments in those shows.

What makes these 5 characters different is that they are truly inspirational and are on shows that aren’t necessarily known for that type of story (like say, This Is Us). These characters are from sci-fi and fantasy shows, a telenovela inspired gem, and even a musical comedy!

5 Most Inspiring TV Characters of 2018 in unexpected places

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Monty Green (The 100)

Monty was one of the original characters on this sci-fi show, but always stayed out of the drama. After the group went back to space at the end of Season 4, Monty worked hard at growing an algae farm. His efforts are what kept everyone alive! It was also Monty and Harper who made the very brave decision to stay awake and live there lives on the ship after deciding the ground wasn’t for them. It’s a good thing they did because when Monty realized that the Earth was never coming back, he left his friends in cryosleep and got them to a new planet. He never gave up and thanks to him, they all survived.

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Rebecca Bunch (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)

This plucky, musical comedy may look all fun and games, but it’s actually one of the most in-depth and honest looks at mental health on television today. Rebecca’s battles with her mental health are the focal point of the show and through dance and song, we see the struggles she is facing, as well as the steps she takes to focus on her health. The show (and Rebecca) doesn’t shy away from the harsh truth of it all and reminds us that it’s okay to ask for help and focus on ourselves when we need it.


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Anissa Pierce (Black Lightning)

Anissa Pierce, aka Thunder, is new to the super hero game, but we are already obsessed with her. Not only is she following in her father’s vigilante crime fighting footsteps, but she also uses her superpowers to (literally) stomp out bigotry and to battle the patriarchy. She doesn’t shy away from fighting for important causes, in addition to taking on The 100 with her father and we love her for it. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for her in Season 2!

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Xiomara De La Vega (Jane the Virgin)

Jane’s mother has her quirks, but she has always been the heart of the show and Jane’s rock, so when she got sick it changed everything. Xo’s breast cancer wasn’t glossed over (and that’s a good thing). During the show’s 4th season, we watched as Xo faced her diagnosis, as well as the treatment options and still managed to fight for her mother’s right to take her citizenship test. She’s absolutely amazing and her strength makes her one of the most truly inspiring TV characters ever.

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Clary Fairchild (Shadowhunters)

Ever since Clary had to leave her normal life behind to join the Shadow World, she has been fighting. What makes Clary such an inspiring TV character is that she battles demons (both real and internal) and faces unimaginable odds, yet she never gives up. Season 3A showed Clary fighting tirelessly to save Jace from Lilith’s clutches and despite the crazy odds, she never backed down.

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