‘Castle Rock’ recap: Episode 1×09 “Henry Deaver”

Castle Rock recap: Season 1, Episode 9, “Henry Deaver,” Aired Sept. 5, 2018

“I’d been bought–bought cheap. This was no son of mine.”

In “Henry Deaver,” we finally get to see the Kid’s side of the story, and it’s extremely familiar. It’s no wonder Henry and the Kid’s stories paralleled one another so much, because according to the Kid, he is Henry Deaver from another universe. And if what he says is true, Castle Rock just introduced the multiverse into its mythology. People who have read the Dark Tower series will be familiar with this concept, as well as “Todash,” or traveling between universes, which might’ve also made an appearance in this episode.

To avoid any confusion, I am going to continue referring to André Holland’s character as Henry, and Bill Skarsgård as the Kid.

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In a way, the episode picks up exactly where the last one left off. The Kid spends the hour explaining to Molly how he knows her, and what happened in his universe before he came here. The Kid, the other universe’s Henry Deaver, returns to Castle Rock because his father, Matthew Deaver, committed suicide. When he was a kid, unlike Henry’s Ruth, the Kid’s mother took him and left his father. Now, she has Alzheimer’s, but she lives happily far away with Alan Pangborn. So when the Kid comes to the Deaver house, he finds the mess his father left. The electricity goes out one night, and when he goes to the basement and resets the fuse, he finds a boy in a cage: Henry Deaver. Sound familiar? Are the pieces starting to come together?

The police pick the boy up, and soon the Kid finds a tape recorder of his father’s, and over a thousand recordings. They tell the story of Matthew hearing the voice of God, and how one night Henry came to his door claiming he was his son. He knew things no one else would, and Matthew is almost convinced. But then he decides that he must be a gift from the devil, saying “Who gives you what you wish, when you need it most, with just a string or three attached?”

But while his dad thought he was being tricked, the stories Henry said convince the Kid, since he knows they actually happened. Even though the amount of tapes means that Henry was down there for years. Thankfully, Molly listens to him and comes along to help Henry at the police station. He’s there because people say he started a fire at the hospital (again, just like the Kid). When Molly touches Henry’s hand, it’s as if she lives everything the other Molly lived. So when she sees that Henry is desperate to go to the woods, she decides she needs to help him.

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Molly and the Kid convince the officers to let Henry stay at the Deaver house. But as they drive back, they get away from Officer Zalewski (yes, that one), and head to the woods. At this point, we can be pretty sure that Henry makes it back to his Castle Rock, and that the Kid follows him there. So all that’s left is how. Molly and the Kid follow Henry into the forest, with Zalewski close behind. Henry stops. He seems to have gone into what might be Todash. It’s another version of the woods, with a young woman holding a bloody knife. Molly joins him, and they follow the girl. They can’t hear the Kid or Zalewski, who is trying to get them to stop.

They run after them, and Zalewski fires a warning shot into the sky. In the in-between, whether it was somehow from Zalewski, or something totally different, Molly gets shot in the chest. Before she dies, she begs the Kid to help Henry. The next moment, the Kid is in the in-between, or whatever it is, with Henry. There’s now prisoners and guards with dogs running through, a girl committing suicide, and a swarm of birds. And then he’s back, but instead of with Molly, it’s early morning, and there’s snow on the ground.

Now we’ve caught up with the beginning of the show. The Kid searches for Henry, and sees him getting rescued by Pangborn on the lake. Then Lacy found him, called him the devil, and put him in Shawshank. The Kid most likely didn’t tell his story earlier because they weren’t ready to hear it. He only told Molly because he knew she could comprehend it and believe him. I mean, being stuck in a cage for twenty seven years will certainly teach you not to trust anyone. Also, now we understand why the Kid wanted to help Ruth.

Congrats to Julie Anne Robinson on a wonderful episode. The sound design is especially amazing, and Andre Holland and Bill Skarsgard anchor this show with their acting. “Henry Deaver,” if the story the Kid tells is true, answers A LOT of questions. It tells us where the Kid came from, where Henry went when he was missing, why he lost his memories, and plenty else. But there’s definitely a lot left to be answered in one final episode, so we will see how next week pulls it all together.


Remaining Questions

-Why do Lacy from the first universe, and Matthew from the Kid’s universe parallel one another?

-Why do the Henrys, when they’re in another universe, have such an evil and destructive effect on people?

-Did young Molly stop their Matthew from becoming the other universe’s version?

-Why are the two versions of Henrys so different?

-What does it mean that Wendell started hearing the sound?


Watch Castle Rock on Hulu. The season finale comes out next Wednesday!

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