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‘Pure Murders and Mysteries’ podcast: “Episode 3: The Murder of Aliza Sherman”

Pure Murders and Mysteries podcast, “Episode 3: The Murder of Aliza Sherman”

This week, we take a deep dive into a case that has left the city of Cleveland stunned, and the family of an innocent woman grieving. In March of 2013, in broad daylight, 52-year-old Aliza Sherman was fatally stabbed 11 times outside of her lawyer’s office in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. Just days away from a divorce trial with her husband (Sanford Sherman), Aliza was killed by a hooded figure and no items of value were taken from her.

Her killer has yet to be named, but there are two interesting suspects in the case who had plenty of probable cause. Her daughter Jennifer, and her other three children, still fight to this day to give their mother a voice in hopes of bringing the murderer to justice.

murder of aliza sherman
Jennifer Sherman, Aliza Sherman

Brad, Jasmine, and Lindi discuss the following in “Episode 3: The Murder of Aliza Sherman”:

  • Aliza and Sanford’s marriage and the family’s home life
  • The messy divorce details
  • The day of the murder
  • Breaking down the video footage of the assailant
  • Could Sanford have been involved?
  • Gregory Moore’s sketchy past and his possible hand in the murder
  • Our personal theories about the murder of Aliza Sherman



Our main source for this episode is a wonderfully written piece about the Alize Sherman case from Cleveland Mag. Please read it if you want a deeper dive into everything that happened on the day of the murder, or about Gregory Moore’s trial.

Watch the street cam video footage of the hooded figure running away from the crime scene.

Watch the Gregory Moore trial video in which Jennifer gives an opening statement and Moore is handed his sentence.

Anyone with information regarding Aliza Sherman’s murder is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 25crime.com or 216-252-7463. All tips are made anonymously and there is a $100,000 reward for information that leads to Aliza’s killer.

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