‘Castle Rock’ Recap: Episode 1×08, “Past Perfect”

Castle Rock recap: Season 1, Episode 8, “Past Perfect,” Aired Aug. 29, 2018

“I waited for twenty seven years.”

Still no answers, but we finally have horror. After last week’s brilliant episode, I really had no idea where Castle Rock was going next. Episode eight doesn’t seem to get us that much closer to understanding the whole mystery. But it does bring all the characters together in new ways that are interesting and often violent.

The episode introduces two new characters, Gordon and Lilith, a couple that decides to move to Castle Rock after the wife has an affair. They buy the Lacy house and start turning it into a murder-themed inn. A couple comes to stay there, but they have no interest in the macabre history, which angers Gordon.

That night, Lilith wakes up to screams and then abrupt silence. She finds Gordon on the floor of the couple’s room with a knife, having just murdered them. In the morning, Gordon begins disposing of the bodies. When he tries to tell Lilith that he doesn’t know what happened the night before and he’s not a murderer, she simply says, “It never happened.”

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Jackie Torrance stops over at the inn to try to make a business connection, and loves the theme. She talks about one of the murders that happened there, when a man got killed with an axe to the back of the head. Gordon and Lilith quickly shoo her out the front door. Outside, she finds a bracelet on the ground covered in real blood (which she tastes, gross), and gets rightfully suspicious.

After that gruesome start, we get an update on the main characters, Henry, Ruth, and the Kid. The night before, when Henry got stuck in the Filter, Molly heard him. She comes to the RV and frees him, bringing him back to his house. Henry asks about the men who put him there, but Molly says she doesn’t know where they went. But then we see Odin Branch gruesomely killed, lying in the forest.

At the Deaver house, Henry finds Ruth sleeping upstairs, and then sees that the Kid is back. He directs Henry to follow him to the barn, where he shows him the body of Pangborn and explains what happened. The Kid wants to hide the body, and tells Henry that “we have to protect her.”

Then the Kid finally reveals something important about himself. He can hear the schisma, and when he realizes that Henry can too, he tells him they have to go to the woods. The Kid says he’s been waiting for Henry for twenty seven years. Henry won’t listen to him, and then the police arrive. Before fleeing, the Kid tells Henry, “I rescued you from that basement, and I didn’t ask for any of this.” What basement is he talking about?

Curious to see if it’s in Lacy’s house, he goes over there. When the couple doesn’t answer, he breaks in and looks around. Upstairs, in the main bedroom, Henry finds the walls filled with all of Lacy’s portraits of the Kid. Henry looks at the dates, and they support what the Kid said earlier about waiting for over two decades. Then Gordon walks in.

Gordon agrees with Henry that he should leave, but in the hallway, Lilith appears and stabs Henry in the back. Apparently the house makes her murderous too. Henry and Gordon begin to struggle with her, and in the mess she stabs both Gordon and herself in the neck. Henry runs outside as Gordon chases him with the knife. He pulls Henry out of his car and tries to stab him again. Thankfully, he’s saved by a surprising hero: Jackie. She kills Gordon with an axe, just like the murder she seemed fascinated with earlier. Quite fitting.

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Back with Molly, the sound is overwhelming her, so she drives over to the Deaver house to see Henry. She sees the light is on in her parents’ empty house and finds the Kid inside, waiting for her. He tells her that Henry isn’t ready, but Molly can help him. The Kid believes that they know each other. He recounts details about Molly’s childhood that no one knows, and says that he was there, in the woods. But just when we think we’re going to get some answers, the Kid introduces a new mystery to both Molly and the audience when he says: “That’s where you died.”

Of course, now we have to wait another week for an explanation for that bombshell.


Moments to note

-When Wendell gets on the bus to go back to Boston, a black bird flies into the front window, dying, and the ringing in his ears starts.

-One of the police officers recounts how Henry was called “The Black Death” in school (a horrific nickname), and tells him he’s “like a fuckin’ lightning rod” in how he attracts horror.

-Wendell returns to Castle Rock on the bus.

-Ruth still doesn’t realize she killed Pangborn, and now no one knows where she is.

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