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‘The 100’: 7 times Bellarke should have kissed in Season 5

It’s time to talk about Bellarke in Season 5! Season 5 has come to a close and Season 6 has already begun shooting! While Bellarke shippers didn’t get the kiss and “happily ever after” that they had hoped for, we are still holding out for these two to make it official on screen next season!

It has been suggested that they are “non-romantic partners and soulmates” by the show’s creator and while we respect his opinions, we are more in the “they should be canon by now” camp. To each their own, but here are some moments that these two could have kissed and made it official in Season 5 (based on their crazy chemistry). And with the previous seasons of longing looks, camera focused touches and the fact that they are engaged in the books that inspired the show, we think it’s high time for Bellarke to start making out.

7 times Bellamy and Clarke should have (and could have) kissed:

#1 Reunited and it feels so good. After they were reunited and they looked at each other like this, our hearts melted. Here we have Clarke Griffin looking into the eyes of her beacon, her BFF, Bellamy Blake, the person that she called every single day when he left and it’s the PERFECT time for a first kiss. #Swoon! The forecast is zero percent platonic with a heavy chance of smooching. Now kiss.

#2 Lip service. And in the same scene, when Bellamy looks at her like this. Look at his face! Bellamy looks at her face and her lips. HER LIPS. He thought he left her for dead and spent everyday thereafter working to honor her memory only to find out she is alive! (Dreams do come true, ya’ll!) He worships this woman and we all know it. Now kiss.

#3 Campfire stares. Seriously, this looks like a scene straight from an adorable rom com that we really need Netflix to make. The light breeze, the campfire, the LOOK. It’s all here, people. Now kiss.

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#4 Drama. Now, you might be thinking, “really?” This scene? YES! This scene too. The tension, the drama, the chemistry. Okay, now kiss.

#5 Forgive and forget. Yes, Bellamy is still with Echo this season, and in this scene, but this is after Bellamy learned about Clarke’s calls to him. It’s clearly a game changer for him and he forgives her in an instant. Now kiss.

#6 Space dates. Bellamy knows something has changed. He and Clarke have officially made up and have made a date to save humanity once again. (And he totally checks her out!) Now kiss.

#7 Wake up. After learning they had been a sleep for over a 100 years and that they were going to a new planet, Bellamy and Clarke gave us one of the best shots of the series. It was such a powerful moment and ended Book 1 with the central relationship on the show. It’s gorgeous and full of snuggles. Now kiss.

Season 5 didn’t deliver the Bellarke canon that we thought it would, but looking back at the season, this might be the best Bellarke season yet! We don’t know what Season 6 holds for them, but lets hope for this amazing pair to finally explore their (obvious) feelings for each other!

What did you think about Bellarke in Season 5? Are you ready for them to make out already? Tell us your thoughts! Hit the comments or find me on twitter AND check out our The 100 Fandom Page for all of your The 100 news, recaps, and polls!

May we meet again in Season 6!

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