‘Shadowhunters’ Auction: Season 3B spoiled

In short, the Shadowhunters auction is an epic fail! The Shadowhunters fandom was hit with a couple mighty blows today. The fans have coordinated an amazing campaign to save the show,but it seems that their pleas are going unanswered as the props from the show’s final set of episodes are auctioned off. What’s worse? The auction is spoiling the end of the series!

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At first glance, the Shadowhunters auction looked mainly like a collection of rubber weaponry used in the show, as well as some home goods, like lamps, furniture and bedding. There are also clothing items worn by the characters.–1366/

What didn’t sit so well was that some of these items posted (when the auction first went live) contained MAJOR spoilers for the unaired episodes of the show’s third season! LIKE MAJOR. It’s a huge bummer for fans to see the show sold bit by bit, but to have the auction actually spoil the unaired episodes was quite upsetting. We won’t post pictures of the items here to shield you from the major spoilers!

Thankfully, the show’s EP, Todd Slavkin made some calls and had the spoiler items pulled, but for some fans, the damage had been done. Hopefully, the swift item removal will keep the rest of the fandom from seeing the spoilers. The best advice we can give (if you haven’t already been spoiled) is not to seek out the letter or any other spoiler items from the Shadowhunters auction.

Let’s hope that this giant misstep is the last in a series of unfortunate events surrounding this show. The Shadowhunters fans, the cast, and the crew deserve a send-off for the ages! If you’d still like to hit up the auction to take a piece of the show home, you can check that out here. And (hopefully) it’s now spoiler free!

Season 3B of Shadowhunters will air on Freeform in the Spring of 2019. 


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