‘Veronica Mars’ Revival: Best fan reactions to the news

Hold your forkin’ marshmallows, ya’ll – A VERONICA MARS REVIVAL IS IN THE WORKS! Now, this isn’t a set deal yet, but EW reports that Hulu is very close to a deal that would put Veronica Mars back on our TV’s and we are thrilled! This news isn’t really news quite yet, because the actual details of the revival and it’s terms are not finalized, but that didn’t stop the internet from losing it’s collective mind!

“Several elements of the deal are not yet closed but a revival has been quietly in the works for months between studio Warner Bros. and Hulu. We’re told the arrangement will allow Bell to appear on the new series despite her commitments to NBC’s The Good Place.” Entertainment Weekly

If you have been keeping up with the franchise, things didn’t end when the beloved Veronica Mars was cancelled back in the day! There was a crazy, successful Kickstarter campaign that resulted in a full on Veronica Mars movie! Following the events of the movie, there have also been Veronica Mars novels (penned by Rob Thomas and Jennifer Graham). The need for Veronica Mars and her charming wit has never really gone away and that fact was clear when the new hit Twitter!

Check out our favorite fan reactions!

Dream big, Marshmallows!

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It’s what we have been preparing for!

Some are already pushing for casting! (And we are on board!)

Others just couldn’t believe this was actually happening!

This fan wants the fluff we deserve! (Logan and Veronica 4eva!)

Just pure joy all around!

What was your reaction when you saw the Veronica Mars revival news? Are you excited to see any certain characters?

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