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‘Supernatural’: The best of Season 13 and our hopes for Season 14

Supernatural Season 13 was all about the rift! Sam and Dean started Season 13 freaking out about the loss of their mother and diving right into their mission to rescue her and Jack. The season ended with a Lucifer breaking free, a bunch of characters returning to our world, a barely operational Heaven and Dean making a selfless choice that ends in betrayal.

Here are our thoughts on Season 13 and what we’d love to see in Season 14!

Returning characters. There were many character returns this season. Even though it was the Apocalypse World version, we were really happy to see Charlie again! She was killed off way too soon and in such a terrible way. We hope we get to see a lot more her! Oh, and Bobby!!!! We missed him too!

Softer side of Lucifer. This season showed a softer side of Lucifer. He claimed he just wanted to be a good father to Jack. Do we really think he has really changed? Well, yes and no. He is always going to be Lucifer, but he has some serious daddy issues that he is trying to work out with his own son. This made him look beyond his own goals for a bit there and really focus on Jack. 

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Wayward Sisters. Season 13 gave us the much anticipated back door pilot for Wayward Sisters, a spinoff the network passed on and we are still super bummed. We really love these characters and their interactions, and thankfully, we will get more of their stories in Supernatural season 14!

Scoobynatural. Supernatural has had some crazy meta eps in the past, but nothing compares to craziness of the Scooby crossover! What grade (A-F) would we give it? An A, of course! We love Scooby but this concept had us very nervous when it was announced. We should have known that if anyone could pull it off, it’s Supernatural! It was executed perfectly. We’d love to see a follow up to this in Season 14! 

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Den of Geeks

Jack Attack! Jack was a huge part of this season. We thought he was going to be this big, evil thing, but he was kind of like old Castiel in a way. He was actually a great addition to the group and made things feel fresh. More Jack in Season 14, please?!

Dean is still THE Vessel. Dean has been taken over by Michael! We love the hat and love the swagger and we can’t wait to see where they go with this. Let’s hope that we get to see this for more than an episode or two. It would also be super cool to see this somehow tie back to the big confrontation between Lucifer/Sam and Michael/Dean that served as a focal point in Seasons 4/5.

What did you think about Season 13? What are your hopes for Season 14? Hit the comments and tell us your thoughts!

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