9 Funny Thor moments from the MCU that will make you smile

Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is arguably the most hilarious of the Avengers, partly due to the oblivious nature of his character when it comes to Earth and the human race. Let’s take a look at some of Thor’s funniest quotes from over the years.

Here are 9 funny Thor moments from the MCU films we’re sure will make you smile.

When he got incredibly excited that his surprise opponent was a “friend from work.”

thor friend from work gif
Could we get a Storm solo movie?

“So, I went to pick up the snake to admire it, and he transformed back into himself. And he was like, ‘Bleugh, it’s me.'”

thor snake gif

When Thor discovered coffee…

thor coffee gif
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Making godly observations about humans.

thor petty and tiny gif

One of Thor’s best lines ever about Loki—”he’s adopted.”

he's adopted thor gif
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Thor sassing Strange about technology.

thor email gif

Looks like Mark Ruffalo is trying his best not to laugh in this scene…

thor your hair looks nice gif

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Every time Thor called Rocket a rabbit in Infinity War.

thank you sweet rabbit gif


When Thor uses Bruce’s memory issues to his advantage.

thor and hulk gif

i won easily gif
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What’s your favorite funny Thor quote? Share in the comments below! 

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