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5 Harry Potter spin-offs we’d love to see on the big screen

With the Fantastic Beasts series is proving to be a wonderful addition to the Wizarding World, a question is raised by many curious fans. Will there be another spin-off? There are seemingly endless possibilities for spin-offs, but here are the five Harry Potter spin-offs we’d like to see.

The Marauders

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Who doesn’t want to see a teenager Remus, Lupin, Pettigrew, and Potter running around Hogwarts causing trouble? The internet has been craving this for years, and it would be a natural progression to make one after the Fantastic Beasts series is finished. Seeing how the students at Hogwarts dealt with the rise of Voldemort would be interesting. It would also be nice to see happier days for the four men who were such a big part of Harry Potter’s life, and get more insight on why they were the way they were.

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The Founders

The original four. I’d love to hear how they got together. How did they meet? What made them decide to start a school? What were they like? What were the dynamics? Who was closest to Salazar, the most affected when he decided to leave the school? It would be interesting to see the dynamics first hand, to see how it all happened, instead of hearing legends after the fact.

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The Next Generation

The Cursed Child is making a hit in the play circuit, and it’s no wonder why. It’s so cool seeing the children of the Golden Trio interacting and going to Hogwarts. I would love for that to bloom into a whole series. See Teddy and Victoire’s relationship. See the sibling dynamics between the Potter kids, the Weasley kids, and the Malfoys. What was it like growing up as the daughter of the brightest witch of her age? What was it like between the Malfoys and Potters after their sons became friends? What’s the aftermath of Voldemort and his last stand at Hogwarts? Seeing all that would make an interesting series.

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The Other Schools

What is it like learning magic in America? What makes Ilvermorny different from Hogwarts? What is magic like in Japan? Who founded those schools? What are their houses? What trials did they face? I’d like to see the different cultures and the way they approach magic. Thus far, the Wizarding World is pretty Western, so I’d love to see some more non-Western magic.

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Modern Magic

I would love to see a 2018 version of Hogwarts, what would it be like if they use pens instead of quills? With kids addicted to technology now, surely that would seep into Hogwarts. If it doesn’t, I’d love to see why. How do the professors at Hogwarts convince 12-year-olds to give up their phones? Is there like a cell phone dampening charm? In general, I think it’d be cool to see how that would all play out.

What would you like to see from the Wizarding World brought to life on the screen (or page)?

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