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Our favorite ‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2 episodes

So, I may be a little biased about season 2 because that’s when Captain Hook made his entrance. And it also happens to be the season when I started shipping Captain Swan. However, this season really pumped up the intrigue and magical drama. Ah, how I miss the innuendo slinging villain that Hook was.

2×06 “Tallahassee”


Hands down, this was the strongest episode of the season. Also, this is the episode where I knew Emma and Hook would be endgame because talk about tension. Like, Emma wanted to trust him so bad when they reached the top of the beanstalk, but she didn’t want to “take a chance that (she’s) wrong” about him. Despite all this, the adventure Emma and Hook went on during this episode was fun, and it kept you guessing about Hook’s character. I also liked this episode because we got a glimpse into Emma’s past, which introduced Neal. Ha ha ha…I’m just not going to talk about Neal or I will go off. Anyway, we saw that Emma was just a young girl, still trying to find her way alone. It just showed the audience that even though Emma went through hell, she still continues to fight. Annnnddddddd…..Captain Swan over Swan Fire ANY DAY. Okay, moving on. Also, you’re welcome for this gif.

2×04 “The Crocodile”


The introduction of Captain Hook. Enough said. Okay, but actually, this episode showed Rumple and Hook’s hatred for one another, reasonable on both sides, might I add. Not that I’m taking sides here, but if you know where I stand with this fandom, then I am secretly taking a side…I just thought their story with one another was written so well and was illustrated so well throughout the episode. It shows two very flawed men, coming to grips with a new kind of evil: for Hook, his revenge against Rumple; with Rumple, his dark power. Within this episode, it showed the depths of both characters. To be honest, I was confused as to how Hook would ever be redeemed. Obviously, it was Emma. Nonetheless, from the moment we met Hook, I was rooting for him, and he certainly did not let me down. This episode was just the start of the seasons-long feud between the two men. A moment to also appreciate the spin Colin O’Donoghue brought to Captain Hook — he created his own brand of the famous villain.

2×22 “Straight on ’til Morning”


And off to Neverland the gang goes! As always, OUAT always killed it with season finales, and this one was no different. Greg and Tamara (oh my gosh, the WORST characters ever) have kidnapped Henry, and his moms are not about to go down without a fight. In this episode, we see heroes and villains ban together for an adventure to save Henry, which I was super pumped for. Not to mention, we see Regina and Hook come to terms with switching to team hero. We see this when Hook comes back with the magic bean for the portal — the words Emma said to him earlier resonating within him. She offered him a chance to be a part of something bigger, said that she knows what he’s feeling. So, he decided to take that leap of being a good guy. Yep, deep down, Emma felt a connection to him, and he to her. It was just the beginning.

2×14 “Manhattan”


I always liked the episodes in which the characters left the comfy confines of Storybrooke. Sometimes a change of setting is just what viewers need. Plus, seeing fairytale characters in our world is a bit comical, especially Rumple freaking out on the plane. I feel that though because honestly, me when I get on a plane. Upon arriving in NYC, we learn just who Emma’s baby daddy is, and oh goodness, what a plot twist that was! I have to say, for someone who is not all too keen on Neal, that was a good plot device. Emma had NO idea that Neal happened to have been from the Enchanted Forest. What are the chances?! There was so much angst in this episode as well. Between Hook coming to NYC to try to murder Rumple (Hook was very determined this season), to Henry finding out the truth of his father, to the viewers ffindingout that Neal is Rumple’s son, holy magical craziness! Let’s also not forget the words of wisdom Henry bestowed upon us: “(Pizza) is delicious, cheesy, and it doesn’t lie.”

Season 2 had a lot of strong and intriguing episodes. We saw hearts blacken and some hearts lighten through the season. We saw the start of Emma and Hook’s love-hate relationship, and we saw Regina start to change for Henry’s sake. Special note to the episode in which Emma and Hook sword fight because that was all kinds of fierceness! What’s your favorite episode from season 2? Sound off below or tweet us!

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