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Fandom Friday: Stunning ‘Teen Wolf’ Photo Project you have to see!

Happy Fandom Friday!!!!! This week we are shining a spotlight on two amazing Teen Wolf fans, Allison and Sabrina! Allison, a seasoned photographer went to the high school used in the production of Teen Wolf to recreate some of the show’s scenes using a photograph! Sabrina, a fellow Teen Wolf fan helped Allison stage the photographs and the results are EPIC!

We chatted with Allison about the photo project, Teen Wolf and her next Teen Wolf photo project goal:

Pure Fandom: How long did it take to plan and execute this project?

Allison Walton: So, Sabrina and I visited BHHS (aka Pacific Palisades Charter High*) twice prior to coming up with the idea for these photos. We visited just for fun because Sabrina and I met because of Teen Wolf, so it felt right to visit the place that had metaphorically brought us together. (Also, Sabrina has a pretty amazing collection of Lydia’s outfits from the show, so we went to take her pictures at the location where they were seen on the show. The picture of her wearing the Lydia dog sweater outfit is pretty epic.)

Shortly after our visits, I remembered this “Dear Photograph” project that I had seen floating around the internet several years ago, and thought it would be something amazing to recreate at Beacon High with images from the show. We both were very excited about the possibilities!! We tried to find locations for some of the major scenes from s3, and also tried to find scenes with each of the main characters. Did you know Derek only appeared at the high school once in s3 after practically being a high school creeper in s1 and s2? We also didn’t want to include Jennifer (sorry, Ms. Blake. When you try to massacre all my favorites AND manipulate Derek, you don’t get immortalized in this project), so the only outdoor scene we had of him was in the tunnel.

Also, there’s another scene with Isaac and Kira outside, but we could NOT find that location at the school, though we searched far and wide. We scoured the internet for the high-res pictures, and where we couldn’t find pictures, we screenshot that scene from the episode online (and turned the brightness WAY UP).  In total, we probably spent a couple of hours deciding which images to use, and which locations to find. There were a couple of things we printed that we didn’t end up using, for various reasons. We ended up being at the school for just over an hour.

PF: That’s amazing! What is your favorite season of Teen Wolf?

AW: Personally, my favorite season is 3. DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE BETWEEN A AND B, PLEASE.

PF: Favorite character?

AW: Stiles Stilinski, love of my life. He has EVERYTHING you want in an excellent character. Its why I continue to write about him even after the show is over.

PF: How long have you been a photographer?

AW: I started my photography business in 2008, but I’ve been taking pictures my entire life. My first paid photoshoot was when I was in high school (an eon ago).

PF: What was the biggest challenge during this photo project?

AW: It seems easy–hold up a printed picture, take it. But it was actually really challenging to get everything lined up the way it looks in the picture. Because of the aspect ratio of television vs my camera, it actually ended up working the best if Sabrina held the photo, and I moved myself around to line everything up correctly. I’m still not happy with the Derek picture, but I was literally lying on the ground already–the angles were super complicated to line up! I’m happiest with the Lydia/Jeep picture. what you can just *barely* see is my hand blocking out a huge white truck that was parked behind the photo!

Just as a side note, the interior sets for s4 through s6 are still up, and I am DYING to do this project with some indoor pictures!! So, if the right person reads this, hit me up and take me there, please!

PF: We second that! GIVE US MORE!

Check out more of the photo series here:



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Happy Fandom Friday!!!

(Image credit: Allison Walton and original photos by MTV) 

* Photos were taken with permission and not during school hours.


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