‘Castle Rock’ recap: Episode 1×06, “Filter”

“What did Dad and I used to do when we went out to the woods?”

In this week’s Castle Rock, Henry Deaver is really trying to delve into his past. What was his relationship with his father really like? After the Kid unearths an unusual home video of Matthew and Henry walking in the woods, Henry begins to question what they did together when he was younger. Ruth has no answers, and well, Henry doesn’t remember, so he’s no help to himself.

Henry finally reburies his father in an actual cemetery, while two strange men with an RV watch him. Wendel arrives to visit Ruth, and the Kid is still staying in the Deaver’s barn. After Henry finds him going through all of their things, he decides to send the Kid to Juniper Hill Psychiatric Hospital. This location features heavily in King’s work. In It, Henry Bowers escapes from here. Earlier, the Kid told Pangborn to go to Syracuse to retrieve Lacy’s car, claiming he needs it to help Ruth. While Pangborn’s doing this, the radio reports a fire at Juniper Hill. Eight staff and six patients died, and a few dangerous patients escaped. It’s pretty obvious the Kid’s one of them.

One of the things the Kid found was an old video camera. It’s a video of Matthew Deaver filming a young Henry as they walk in the woods. The Reverend sounds a little crazy, saying things like “The Lord blesses those who listen more than they talk.” It looks strange to Henry and seems to trigger the return of some memories, so he starts searching for answer. When he questions Ruth about the woods, she gets defensive. And having a moment of dementia, she tells Henry to ask his father. 

Henry later goes to visit Molly, and he also asks her about his trips with his dad. She says that while she never saw any of it, she shared his feelings. On the night he disappeared, he was afraid, and then relieved. To make it worse, she tells him about killing his father. But while she may have physically killed him, she says they were connected, and it was as if he killed his father through her. Maybe she’s trying to be helpful, but can we trust that she’s being honest? It’s not clear yet what she wants out of her relationship with Henry.

In a venture to discover more, Henry takes the video camera and traces where they went through the woods. But after his battery dies, he stumbles upon the two people who were watching him at the cemetery. They introduce themselves as Willie and Odin Branch. Branch is deaf, and young Willie is his interpreter. Turns out, Branch knew Henry’s father very well. The Reverend would come out to the woods to follow this sound he called “the voice of God.” He begins describing it, hinting that Henry’s ringing in his ears is what he’s talking about. Branch is a man of science, so he says it’s called “schisma” now, and he believes it to be  parallel universes coming together. “Other ears, other nows. All possible pasts, all possible presents,” intermingling. And the sound hasn’t been this loud in decades.

He then explains that Matthew invented, but never got to build, a device called “The Filter.” Apparently, everything going on in the world distracts from the schisma. Branch built the device himself, and it’s in his RV. It’s an anechoic chamber, which absorbs all outside sound waves, “total silence.” He wants Henry to go inside it, encouraging him by saying, “What you’ll hear in The Filter is…truth.” But as Henry slowly goes in, Branch reveals that in order to only hear the schisma, he “corrected” himself and made himself deaf. Along with that, he’s going to do the same to Willie that night. Willie doesn’t seem to want it. When Henry finally realizes how crazy he is, Branch locks him in the chamber. It forces him to experience a horrible cacophony of sounds and visions. Hopefully we’ll see the effect of it in the next episode.

Back at the Deaver house, Pangborn’s returned. The Kid is sitting outside. Pangborn tells him he got the car and questions what they do next. Instead of answering, the Kid says that there will be a monument, to the people who put him in the cage. Pangborn yells at him, saying that he said he’d help Ruth. But then he notices the blood dripping down the Kid’s arm. Scared and angry, he asks where Ruth is. The Kid just says to him, “Why would you leave me in that trunk, Sheriff?” Pangborn runs inside to find a record skipping and a horrible mess, but no Ruth.

Moments to note

  • The Kid creepily dons one of Reverend Deaver’s old suits, and stands and stares through the kitchen window at Ruth and Wendel. Ruth says in shock, “Coulda sworn we buried him in that suit.”
  • Ruth tells Wendel about how she’s putting chess pieces in each room to remind her she’s in the present.
  • When Henry drops the Kid off at Juniper Hill, a bird flies into the ground, essentially committing suicide. This adds to the continuing symbolism of dead animals. There was the dead deer that young Pangborn found before he discovered Henry, and the dead dog he dug up to show Ruth. Definitely bad omens.

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