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Fandom Friday: These ‘The 100’ Fan reaction videos are everything!

Happy Fandom Friday!!!!! This week we are shining a spotlight on two of our favorite The 100 fans for their amazing (and hilarious) fan reaction videos, deep dive discussions and reviews! Jacyln and Marcella, create fan reaction videos on their YouTube channel, DrowningInFandomFeels, and never shy away from feeling ALL of their feels. We love it!

We chatted with them about their favorite fandoms, their videos and their thoughts on The 100! Check it out!

Pure Fandom: Do you remember your first reaction video you ever did? If so, what was it a reaction to?

Jaclyn & Marcella: Our first reaction video was to Teen Wolf. We love that fandom and it has a special place in our hearts because that’s really where we started. It was really just us thinking it would be funny to film our crazy reactions and wanting to reach out to others who are just as passionate.

PF: What is your favorite season of The 100?

J&M: This is hard one for us, but we would have to say that while we will always have a fondness for season 1, we would have to say season 4 is our favorite. We loved Bellamy and Clarke’s story in this season and all the other great character dynamics.

PF: What is your favorite The 100 emotional moment?

J&M: While there are many emotional moments in The 100, our new favorite is definitely the finale of season 5. Monty and Harper’s end was so heartbreakingly beautiful and such a powerful message to carry into season 6.

PF: What was the first TV show that you got super into?

J&M: Buffy The Vampire Slayer was our first show that we were super into. Although we were only 8 years old, Buffy and Angel were the first couple we shipped without even realizing we were shipping.

PF: Give us 5 words to describe your hopes for Season 6 of The 100?

J&M: Bellamy and Clarke become canon

PF: Nice! Pick your favorite Bellamy: Season 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5?

J&M: We love Bellamy in every season, but our favorite is season 4. We loved how he wore his heart on his sleeve in this season more so than the others.

PF: What is your OTP of any show ever?

J&M: Obviously Bellarke and Stydia are big ones in our lives, but a few others are: Olicity, West Allen, Karamel, Jamie and Claire from Outlander, Naley from One Tree Hill, Clois from Smallville, and more recently, Ty and Tandy from Cloak and Dagger.

PF: Awesome! Thank you so much! 

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Check out Jaclyn and Marcella’s latest videos right here and be sure to follow them on Twitter for even more fandom fun!

Happy Fandom Friday!!!


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