‘Castle Rock’ Recap: Episode 1×05, “Harvest”

“Gosh, oh, gee, but, I have fun, swallowing animals one by one.”

Despite still not knowing his name, or basically anything about him, Castle Rock’s fifth episode, “Harvest,” gives us new and much needed information about the Kid. All while making everything else more confusing. But I mean, we take what we can get.

Chaos has started to erupt in Castle Rock. There was just the shooting, and now there’s a wildfire in Black Mountain that’s driving people out. Henry’s desperate to leave town himself, but the hearing for the Kid has been pushed back. He sets up a security system so he and Pangborn can keep an eye on Ruth, and the Kid is finally released from Shawshank.

Henry takes him to the doctor, and they say he has Retrograde Amnesia. He can’t get the Kid into an inpatient facility until Monday, so with no where else to go, Molly offers to have him stay in her office. But the Kid doesn’t want to stay still. He goes out at night wandering the streets, and what happens next might be one of the scariest scenes so far.

Playing in one house is the Shirley Temple song, “Animal Crackers In My Soup.” When you actually listen to it, the song’s lyrics are quite creepy. As the Kid walks closer, the song goes, “When I get hold of the big bad wolf, I push him under to drown. Then I bite him in a million bits, And I gobble him right down.” Accompanied by equally eerie background music, the song stops when the Kid sees the family celebrating a birthday inside. 

The Kid walks right in and sits down creepily in a dim hallway, watching. He eyes the knife that cut the cake, but doesn’t move into that room. Instead, he walks upstairs to the roof while we can still hear the family downstairs. And what you hear is incredibly horrific. The family starts fighting, and it just gets worse and worse. There are sounds of knives and increasingly intense shouting, until it ends with the lone screams of the baby, as the Kid sits on the roof staring out.

The next morning, Jackie meets the Kid, and they end up sitting in her car as she smokes weed. But later, Jackie has to call Molly for help. The Kid’s standing on the roof of a nearby building, and he appears suicidal. When Molly approaches him, he seems to be hearing horrors that have happened in Castle Rock. With Molly’s abilities, she can hear it all too. She brings the Kid to the Deaver house, and she tells Henry that “he feels wrong.” Henry doesn’t seem to know what to do with that information, so he lets him stay in a building behind the house. While setting up his bed, the Kid starts playing the piano in the room, and it seems to trigger something, because he says, “I remember.”

During the day, while all this is happening, Pangborn is being honored for his service as Sheriff. He starts giving a speech, and after getting distracted, he looks up to find Ruth on the edge of the bridge. She steps off, falling right into the water, and Henry jumps in after her. Thankfully, she’s physically fine. But mentally she’s failing. Her dementia’s getting worse, and Ruth explains it perfectly when she says, “It’s like I open the book and all the pictures, someone tore them out.” Pangborn’s desperately trying to help her, but there’s really not a lot he can do. 

While at the hospital, Pangborn gets a notification from the new security system showing the Kid walking around the woods behind the house, and he goes to confront him. They recognize each other, and Pangborn talks about how he let Lacy go all those years ago with the boy in the trunk. He questioned whether he was doing the right thing, but he wanted to protect his town. And now, so many years later, the Kid looks exactly the same. Pangborn asks him if he’s the devil, and the Kid answers no. But he doesn’t seem confused or lost anymore. He tells him he can help Ruth, and then asks the question that changes everything: “You have no idea what’s happening here, do you?”


Other moments to note

-Jackie’s uncle is Jack Torrance. She took his name to piss off her parents, and because she has a crazy fascination with the insane and psychopathic. 

-Henry’s son, Wendell (Chosen Jacobs from It), is coming to town to visit Ruth.

-I really love the depiction of Ruth’s sickness, as well as her relationship with Pangborn. The show really gets it right with how it feels to have dementia and dealing with a loved one who has it. 

-While Pangborn tries to calm Ruth down and get her to go to bed, she says “something terrible’s gonna happen.” Does she have an ability like Molly? Is she prophetic or just ominous?

-While Molly’s on the roof talking to the Kid, he seems afraid of himself and aware of his connection to the horrible things happening. He thinks he shouldn’t have been let out of Shawshank. Does he have morals? And does he feel the same by the end of the episode? Also, Henry’s story parallels his so much that he must have something to do with it too.


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