Welcome to the New World: Exciting things in the ‘Outlander’ Season 4 teaser

Jamie and Claire may be in a new land, but wherever they go, problems are sure to follow. STARZ just released a teaser for the upcoming season of Outlander, which will follow the plot of Diana Gabaldon’s fourth book, Drums of Autumn. The trailer is pretty short, but we finally have a glimpse of what the Frasers will face in the colonies. Slight spoilers below.

Plantations, mobs, and a bunch of new characters

While season 3 gave us Claire and Jamie’s adventures in the West Indies, as well as the murderous return of Geillis Duncan, season 4 will take on the New World. They head to North Carolina, where Jamie’s Aunt Jocasta lives (played by Maria Doyle Kennedy of Orphan Black). Jamie hasn’t seen her since he was two, so it’s sure to be an interesting relationship. As for Claire, she encountered slavery in Jamaica and spoke out against it. What will she do when she meets the slaves at River Run? The teaser also shows a very brief look at one of the new Native American characters, and some of the trouble Claire and Jamie will experience. Fighting, mobs with torches, and Claire with a gun. What more could you ask for?


Image: STARZ

Introduction of Stephen Bonnet

Since the death of Jonathan “Black Jack” Randall, Outlander has been a little lacking in villains. Sure, last season had Geillis, but she was more crazed than evil. In season 4, Stephen Bonnet makes his first appearance. He’s a pirate, a smuggler, and quite unsavory. He’s sure to be as ruthless as he is in the books, especially once Brianna and Roger join everyone in the past. Bonnet will be played by Ed Speleers, who appeared as Jimmy Kent in Downton Abbey. I can’t wait to see him bring about all sorts of problems for our protagonists.

The return of Claire’s gray hair

In anticipation of her return to her husband in the past, Claire died her hair to the dark brown that Jamie knew when she was younger. But obviously, while traveling to Jamaica and then the colonies, Claire had no time to re-dye her hair, and it’s returned to it’s natural color with streaks of gray. I mean, I love how she tried look nice for Jamie. But honestly, Claire is at her most beautiful when she’s genuine and passionate, so it’s great to see her like that again.

Another time traveler

In the teaser, Claire finds a skull with silver fillings, which won’t be around for another century. Does that mean there’s another time traveler? Is there another portal nearby? After the discovery of the second portal in Jamaica, there’s bound to be many more. Claire’s a doctor, and she’s always been one to study things and follow her curiosity. If there’s other travelers, dead or alive, maybe they can find out more about how and why it happens.

Image: STARZ

What’s not in the teaser

At only 55 seconds long, the teaser is short, and there’s still a lot not in it. The huge absence in the promo is definitely Brianna and Roger. Fans of the show as well as the books will know that the couple find their way back in time to Claire and Jamie, joining them soon after they arrive in the Americas. They’re sure to appear, and Starz already released a still of them a while ago. I guess we’ll have to hope they give us a peek in the first full trailer.

(Featured image: STARZ)


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