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‘The 100’ Season 5 Finale Review: Welcome to the new age!

The 100 Season 5 Finale Review: 5×13 “Damocles – Part Two,” Aired August 8, 2018

Wow. This season promised a time jump, but we really had no idea just how big that concept was going to get until the last portion of the season 5 finale. The 100 closed the book on the story of Earth and launched our heroes into the future, and to an alien planet. It feels like a huge twist, but in a lot of ways, it’s a full circle ending to what we are told is being dubbed, “Book One” of this show.

The End is the Beginning

Remember all the way back in Season 1, Episode 1 when our naive group of teen delinquents were dropped to Earth to see if it was livable? A certain song played that was fitting for a show that was touching down on a radiation soaked Earth. It was “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons. It was a song that fit the pilot so well, but it also laid out exactly where the show would be going – a new age. When you read the lyrics, it reminds us that they are kind of where they started and despite that, the show has never felt fresher!

I’m breaking in, shaping up, then checking out on the prison bus
This is it, the apocalypse
Whoa, I’m waking up, I feel it in my bones
Enough to make my systems blow
Welcome to the new age, to the new age
– “Radioactive,” Imagine Dragons

The Sacrifice

Season 5 was a game changer for many characters, but one that never really changed was Monty – and that’s a good thing because it was Monty’s sacrifice that saved humanity and that set his friends on a new course in a new age (literally and figuratively). Monty and Harper (RIP you amazing love birds) stayed awake to watch over their friends, which is good because if they hadn’t, Eligius would just be a time capsule of frozen warriors that would never see the light of day again.
After Bellamy and Clarke wake up, we learn Earth never recovered from the destruction of Damocles so Monty came up with a new plan. He cracked the files of Eligius 3 and charted a course for a new planet. Two suns, a thriving planet and seasons worth of mystery await them. Harper and Monty also had another surprise for Clarke and Bellamy – a son! In honor of their late friend, they named him Jordan Jasper and we are already in love with him. He is untouched by the war and devastation that humanity has been mucking around in for centuries. He is pure and we can’t wait to see what that means next season!
A+ on the execution of these tapes and the new information for Season 6. Amazing.  Monty and Harper were the light and the beacon that lead humanity back to salvation (we hope). Having them detail their plans and watching them age over time was so emotional and seeing it hit Bellamy and Clarke made us feel it even more. We will miss Harper and Monty so much, but having Jordan feels like they aren’t truly gone.

The End of Eden

Let’s back up a bit. This show really had us fooled. We thought that someone was going to get to live in Eden and find peace on Earth – but this is The 100 and we should have known better. The build up to the fight for the Valley lasted the entire season only to see them all back in the sky in the end. It wasn’t all a waste though, it was amazing to see Madi truly embrace what it means to be a Commander and it’s actually really cool that the flame and it’s wisdom will be around for the world they are going to enter. We are also curios to see if they are all Nightbloods since it was hinted at earlier this season. So many questions!

Bellamy and Clarke

Okay, so they didn’t kiss and make-up, but they had a space snuggle. Thanks to Madi, Bellamy finally learned about Clarke’s calls to him and it was very clear that it changed something in him. Maybe part of his anger toward Clarke (after she left him to die) was that he thought she didn’t care about him anymore, so finding out that she was calling to him daily took that aspect out of it for him. He knows she cares about him and everyone on that ship knows that Bellamy cares for Clarke – and that’s probably why Harper and Monty woke them up first. Bellamy and Clarke could get the news, accept, plan and then wake everyone else up. They need each other and they lead better together – Marper knows this.
We aren’t thrilled that it seems we will have to wait another 125 years for Bellarke to finally embrace what we have watched grow between them all this time. They might be billed as “platonic soul-mates” and that’s great, but we are calling BULLSHIT. You can’t slow burn a romance like this only to declare them platonic. Sorry The 100 – no way. Book One may have been able to convince us that Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin are just friends, but they won’t be able to pull that off for long in Book Two. Bellamy has been in love with Clarke since forever – and it was alluded to like 10 times in Season 5. We know it, you know it, the characters know it – just embrace it.

(Yup, this is how we all look at all our friends!)

Things we loved

 – Octavia bowing to Madi. We are so happy to see this and hope that she can come back to the group now that she has admitted her mistakes.
– Everything about Indra and Gaia. This was easily one of the best dynamics in Season 5!
– McCreary was the worst, but we are still going to miss him and his wonderfully emo hair.
– Diyoza and Octavia talking was amazing. And Octavia’s line about “one garden, two serpents” was such a poignant way of looking at their losses. They are the power duo we need in Season 6.
– There was so much love in this episode! Abby refusing to leave Kane, Emori and Murphy making up and Monty and Harper’s amazing life and sacrifice. Love!
– The shock of it all! They are in a new world out in space with two suns. Will they be able to live on this planet? Will they have to hide like the Mountain Men did? We are so excited to see what happens next!

Welcome to the new age!

All in all, this season was good. It had some high highs, and some stuff that we could have lived 125 years without. The finale had the tension, the emotion and the total mind-fuck ending we have come to love from this show – and we wouldn’t want it any other way!

The 100 5×13 Score: 9/10

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May we meet again in Season 6!

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