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‘Pure Murders and Mysteries’ podcast: “Episode 1: The Murder of Mickey Bryan”

Pure Murders and Mysteries podcast, “Episode 1: The Murder of Mickey Bryan”

Mickey Bryan was a beloved fourth-grade teacher from Clifton, Texas and married to the local high school principal, Joe Bryan. The small town was rocked on Oct. 15, 1985 when Mickey was found murdered in her home, shot to death with a weapon that was never recovered. Joe, who was 120 miles away on Oct. 15, was eventually tried and convicted for the murder. He maintains his innocence to this day.

Could a faulty blood spatter analysis have led to his imprisonment? Could the murder of a teenager four months prior to Mickey’s provide a missing link in the case? Join us, as we dive into the murder of Mickey Bryan and the controversial conviction of the man still fighting for his freedom.

mickey bryan murder podcast

Jasmine, Brad, and Lindi break down the following in “Episode 1: The Murder of Mickey Bryan”:

  • The scene of the crime
  • Joe Bryan’s conviction
  • The blood spatter controversary
  • Dennis Dunlap and the Whitley murder
  • Joe’s chance for a new trial



For more detail on the Mickey Bryan case, make sure you read Part I and Part II of Blood Will Tell—an incredible piece of investigative journalism by Pamela Colloff for ProPublica x The New York Times. Most of our research and information was derived from Colloff’s work.

Other sources for this episode include: The Waco Tribune Herald, The New York Times, and KWTX-TV.

(Featured image: Dan Winters for The New York Times)

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