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‘The Originals’ series finale: We’ve thought about it, and you shouldn’t be pissed

Spoiler warning: This post discusses The Originals series finale, which aired Aug 1, 2018.

Alright, The Originals fans, let’s talk about that finale. We’ve had five-ish days to think it all over, and here’s where my head is: Stop being so pissed off. No, I am not trying to get in the good graces of showrunner Julie Plec, or any of the show’s amazing writers (while that would awesome, that’s not the motivation behind this article.) Fans have been angry-tweeting actor Danielle Rose Russell who plays Hope (and who will also star in the spinoff Legacies), and that’s what started to irk me. When fans blame characters for “ruining” shows, first off—don’t throw shade at the actor, for a couple of reasons:

  • 9.99999/10, the actor didn’t write the storyline you’re pissed about;
  • It’s just plain mean (people have feelings, ICYMI);
  • Think about the real reason you’re upset.

As far as the last, point, I’m referring to fans’ selfish wants for a particular character (in this instance, Klaus Mikaelson.) Let me begin by saying fans are allowed to have selfish wants—hell, it’s encouraged and it’s why we’re fans! If it were my way, Klaus would be chillin’ in a chateau with Caroline for all eternity making first-of-their-kind hybrid babies. But, that’s not really honoring the character, is it?

At a high-level, here’s Klaus’ journey from TVD on through The Originals:

  • A millenia-long quest to break the curse that suppresses his werewolf side;
  • Inhibits people’s bodies without their consent (see: Alaric Saltzman);
  • Murders lots of innocent people along the way (see: Aunt Jenna);
  • Murders a ton more people (see: a ton more people in both shows);
  • Allows his brother to shamelessly follow him into every poor decision (and good), because of his undying love and loyalty (see: Elijah)
  • Has a baby, finds the joy in parenthood, finally understands unconditional love, and frees himself, his brother, and his daughter of any guilt or pain in “hopes” of his daughter leading the best life possible.

If that ain’t redemption, y’all—I don’t know what is. And for the record—I’m fucking crushed about Klaus and Elijah’s death. Crushed. But seeing their specs of being sparkle off into the New Orleans night, together, gives me “hope” that their stories will live on through 10 more spinoffs. Klaus was the villain back in TVD season 3, remember? Then, we were gifted with 5 more seasons completely dedicated to him and his family. I’ll take it. While there are a lot of things I would have liked to have seen play out differently, there were some emotional AF episodes this season that made up for it.

Julie Plec has said that The Vampire Diaries was about love, The Originals was about family, and Legacies is about friendship. This second TVD-verse spinoff isn’t trying to replace our Originals story, but add a new layer to it. Fans, please don’t knock it until you try it. You’re upset because the show you love ended, and it’s titular characters with it. Let’s be grateful for that final note, because I’ll be damned if some non-JoMo is cast in a reboot 10 years from now without Plec & Co. behind it.

And just for good measure, here’s the deleted Klaroline scene from The Originals finale:

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