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Exclusive: Felicia Henderson on ‘The Punisher’ season 2 and inspiring the next generation

The fierce and talented Felicia Henderson is the brain behind so many things you know and love—from the Teen Titans comics to The Punisher series on Netflix where she currently serves as co-executive producer. She went from being a young girl obsessed with Batman comics to becoming a major force in the TV and comic industry. She’s had her hand in everything from Gossip Girl and Fringe to Everybody Hates Chris and Sister, Sister. We had the pleasure of chatting with Felicia at San Diego Comic Con for both our Fierce Female and Pure Inspiration series about her career, The Punisher season 2, and advice for people looking to make it in the entertainment world.

If you’re a woman looking to break into the entertainment industry—or just looking to be inspired—tune in to the podcast below as Felicia breaks down why all women need to brush fear aside, set goals, and lean on positive friendships for support.

Listen to our podcast with Felicia Henderson during San Diego Comic Con:

Where you can find Felicia Henderson next:

In July 2018, The Hollywood Reporter reported that Henderson just signed a multiyear, overall deal with 20th Century Fox. As part of the pact, she will develop new projects for 20th TV as well as join the company’s juggernaut, “Empire,” as a producer for its fifth season. The multiyear deal will see her showcasing her unique point of view developing family dramas, comedies and adapting graphic novels.

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