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‘The 100’ 5×12 Support Group: Why it’s okay to feel conflicted

This season of The 100 has been causing quite a stir in the fandom, that’s for sure – and it’s justified. There are so many changes to the characters we have watched grow and it’s taken some time to get used to. We have seen enemies thrust into roles of leadership and our favorite characters turned into hated dictators. It’s a lot of change in a short amount of time, so it’s natural that people have very strong opinions about every aspect of it. (I know I do.)

One of the biggest issues people have had with Season 5 isn’t a negative one, it’s just a fact: six years changed them all. And before we had a chance to get comfortable with the characters in their new lives, we had to watch them jump head first into these battles that have pit friend against friend. It’s been an amazing season, but the main complaint I have is that it feels like some of the main characters had to sacrifice their growth in order to get here. And in a nut shell, I miss them.

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I miss Clarke standing up for her people, not just her person. As a mother, I know full well the instincts to protect your children, but I also had a life and family before my children, so I have a hard time understanding why Clarke can be so dismissive of her former life/relationships. You can do it all, girl!

And on the flip side of that, I miss Bellamy loving his sister so much that he would do anything to protect her, no matter what she had done. I completely understand his anger toward her, but we also watched him shoot Jaha just to get a spot on the ship to protect his sis. Yes, he has grown and spent six years with his friends in space, but still. That’s his sister.

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The 100 — “Shifting Sands” — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

And the biggest casualty of this season seems to be the one that they are building toward – Bellarke. People can say that you shouldn’t watch a show for the love story, but they are wrong. The idea that you can still find love in the hellish, post-apocalyptic battlefields that Earth has become is more than enough reason to tune in each week.

I still feel like this season will end with Clarke finally telling Bellamy how she feels and how she had called to him every day while he was in space. The big question is, what will Bellamy say? Will this be the wake up call that (despite him being up in space with his new “family”) there was someone on Earth who needed him more than anyone in that spaceship ever did? Or will he turn her away for his new gf, Echo? We will see. But it’s okay to worry. It’s okay to ship and it’s okay to feel conflicted about all of it.

There is nothing wrong with being mad at a character you used to love, just like it’s okay to love a character you used to hate. And really, that seems to be the point of the entire season. There are no good guys and there are no bad guys – this is a show about survival and the ones you used to hold up on a pedestal are now all in the muck together, just fighting to survive – just like this fandom. Take care of each other!

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May we meet again!

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